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2016 Review of Tenenz Accounting and Financial Site Builder AFSB

AFSB has been offering accounting firms easy website creation capability for over 15 years, and continues to add new features and functionality to its product. Ideal for small to mid-sized accounting firms, AFSB offers over 50 templates that users can ...

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Best Fit: Accounting and Financial Site Builder (AFSB) from Tenenz is a good fit for small to mid-sized accounting firms that want an easy to use product that also offers good customization capability at an easily affordable price.

Product Strengths:

  • Easy to use product offers a variety of user tools for quick website customization
  • Over 50 templates are available for users to choose from
  • Product contains over 200 professional images, or users can upload and use custom images
  • Free newsletter service is included for up to 250 clients

Potential Limitations:

  • Blog capability not included in the product. But if you have a blog tool you like, it can easily be plugged into the AFSB open platform.

EASE OF USE – 5 Stars

AFSB has been offering accounting firms easy website creation capability for over 15 years, and continues to add new features and functionality to its product. Ideal for small to mid-sized accounting firms, AFSB offers over 50 templates that users can choose from.

After signing up for the free 60-day trial offered by AFSB, users will receive email instructions on how to log into their website, as well as immediate access to their website, which is initially created using the information used when signing up. Each website in initially populated with default information that is included in every website; Home, Services, Financial Calculators, Newsletters, Links, About Us, Contact Us, and Make a Payment. Each of these areas can be customized by the user as they desire. All new users receive a free domain name as part of the AFSB service, or users can opt to connect an existing domain to the website. New users also receive up to 20 email accounts that include the firm’s domain name, or users can choose to simply forward emails to an existing address.

Once in the system, users have access to the AFSB Member Area, including the Member Main interface, which offers users access to various system management options, including My Website, where all website management is handled, and newsletters managed. My Marketing offers search engine optimization and marketing tips, and My Clients offers users complete client management capability as well as the ability to both import and export client lists. The Site Wizard offers new users the ability to further customize the system, choosing from options such as site appearance, page content, client management, and image management.


Mentioned earlier, AFSB offers over 50 templates to choose from when setting up a firm website. Users can change templates at any time, and can add additional pages when needed. Users have the option to use the template as is or add customization to their website as desired. Users can easily add custom graphics, or can choose from over 200 professional images that are included with the product. Users can also upload videos if desired.

AFSB also offers users custom-built website designs, with web designers working closely with accounting firms to create a one-of-a-kind website. Custom designs are available at an additional cost, and firms can receive a quote from AFSB if custom design is desired.


AFSB offers a terrific selection of financial calculators that included in the default setup for all websites. Calculators available include a 1040 Tax Calculator, Earned Income Credit (EIC) Calculator, Estate Tax Planner, Roth vs. Traditional IRA, Retirement Shortfall, Credit Assessment, Home Budget Analysis, Student Budget, Net Worth, Savings and Investments, Savings Calculator, Cash Flow Calculator, Working Capital Needs, Business Valuation, ARM versus Fixed Rate Mortgage, Mortgage Qualifier, Mortgage Loan Calculator, Loan Comparison Calculator, and Vehicle Financing, along with many others.

The Client Newsletter is provided free for up to 250 clients and an advance copy of the newsletter is emailed for review prior to publication. Users can customize the newsletter to better suit the needs of their firm, omitting articles and customizing newsletter introductions and conclusions.

Users can also customize the style of the newsletter, and the automated unsubscribe list ensures that users do not continue to send newsletters to those that do not want them. Users can also choose to link the newsletter to social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and GooglePlus. The newsletter also offers a mobile layout for those accessing your website or newsletter from a mobile device.


AFSB offers users SEO optimization tips as well as online marketing tips designed to get a firm noticed. The product also offers a payment gateway, where users can integrate payment processing options on the website, making it easy to accept client payments. A secure File Sharing option is also available that allows firms to both share and store client files. The My Firm files Dashboard provides easy file management capability with files listed with associated permissions attached. Users can easily setup client system accessibility, and the Shares feature tracks all communication that has been sent to clients.

SUPPORT – 5 Stars

Product support is easily accessed from the AFSB members area. The Support Center offers users help in setting up email address, and offers quick access to the Website Wizard, which guides new users through the entire website design process. The support center also offers quick access to vital processes such as adding images and video, changing a current website template, and enabling the payments page. FAQ’s and online tutorials can also be accessed from the support center. Users can also contact technical support directly from the support center via email.

All AFSB users receive a 15% discount on all accounting and tax-related products offered from Tenenz, including tax forms, file folders, and personalized firm stationery and other marketing materials. Tenenz also offers powerful stand-alone digital marketing tools for web, email and social media channels that can be readily integrated for AFSB members.


AFSB from Tenenz offers small to mid-sized firms the luxury of a custom website without the cost. The product offers excellent customization capability, and over 50 website templates to choose from, and users can add personalized touches such as logos and other firm branding materials. Subscriptions start at $25.99 per month when paid annually, or users can choose to pay month-to-month, with subscription pricing running $32.99 per month. There are no setup fees, and new users also receive an initial 60-day free trial, with no credit card needed.

AFSB also offers other services, available at an additional cost, including website customization, search engine optimization, and newsletter distribution for more than 250 clients.

2016 Rating – 4.5 Stars