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2016 Review of CPA Site Solutions


Best Fit: CPA Site Solutions is an excellent option for accounting firms of all sizes that are in need of a professionally designed website that can be easily edited when needed. Firms looking for a professionally designed website that can be easily edited when necessary, as well as firms using QuickBooks.

Product Strengths:

  • Up to 250 templates available for users to choose from
  • Three editions of the product are available
  • Offers an extensive selection of professionally prepared website content
  • Offers blog options

Potential Limitations:

  • Extras can drive up the monthly cost


CPA Site Solutions offers users a lot of options when they sign up for their service. For accounting firms that wish to use a template design, the product offers 250 designs (for Gold & Platinum level users) that can be easily modified all used as in with minimal editing. The ready-to-Go designs can be easily customized by CPA Site Solutions webmasters, with users spending around ten minutes providing webmasters with details on any edits and changes they would like, as well as providing initial firm information.

Once this is received, webmasters make any changes and create the website, which is ten presented to the accounting firm for approval and any other edits. Users can also opt to make any changes themselves using the WSIWYG editor that allows easy changes such as fonts, paragraph structure, and the edition of links. The Modify Your Site option allows users to access all website pages that contain editable data. Just find the page that needs editing and right click to bring up the WYSWYG editor, which offers an easy interface that provides easy real-time editing. The Site Map function, at the top left of the screen, allows users to easily delete any pages that are not relevant to a particular firm. Firms can also add a fully customized page to the website as well, using the Add Page function.


CPA Site Solutions offers 250 design templates for Gold and Platinum users, with Silver users receiving a choice of 87 templates to choose from. Along with complete customization capability for any of the design templates, CPA Site Solutions also offers ten home page designs that are designed specifically for accounting firms, with firms able to choose from a traditional home page design, or users can choose from 28 custom home page designs that offer intuitive navigation. Users can also opt to add a custom slideshow, firm introduction, or animation to their home page design. There is no additional fee for initial website customization, and no set-up fees are charged. Smart designs are also available for those that need a website that is optimized for mobile users.

Along with the Ready-to-Go designs, firms can also opt to have CPA Site Solutions create a custom design. The product offers a variety of customization options, which include the option to have a completely custom web design. Other options include localization customization, which customizes the website with easy to recognize local landmarks. Users can also choose a ready-to-go design, and have webmaster modify the design to create a more custom appearance.

The ability to add custom photos for home page slide shows is also available, as is the ability to use a current web design as the basis for the new design. Users can easily add their own logo, or choose from one of over 600 ready-to-go logos that are available in CPA Site Solutions. The product offers 67 pages of default content that can immediately populate a new website, with users able to easily customize the content to suit the needs of their firm, or just keep the content on the website as-is. There is also an option to add up to 1,000 custom pages to any website.


CPA Site Solutions offers a wide array of content including 58 interactive financial calculators, a personalized newsletter, with 10 new financial or tax-related articles updated each month, so firms can keep their clients in the loop about current tax and financial issues.   All articles are written by professional CPAs and MBAs, and users can easily print articles using the “Print This Page” button, that contains a footer with firm information displayed. Each article also includes a feedback form that prospective clients can fill out, as well as an option to send an article to a friend. Either option helps to create a dialog while opening the doors to bringing new clients on board.  

For QuickBooks users, a QuickBooks Services section is included, as is a 10-page Tax Resource Center. Mentioned earlier, CPA Site Solutions also offers 67 pages of tax and accounting content that users can customize to suit the needs of their firm. A variety of guides are also available for firms to offer to their clients, including the Life Events Guides which include topics related to events such as marriage, the birth of a child, college expenses and retirement. The Business Strategies Guides offers suggestions for business tax planning and business operations. Other guides are available as well. Users also have the option to include a Frequently Asked Questions section, where common questions can be answered.


CPA Site Solutions offers search engine submission with every website created, with additional SEO services available at an additional cost. The product also offers excellent marketing tools, including the Accountant Finder premium listing, 35 pages that are dedicated to selling accounting services, the ability to allow clients to register for seminars through the website, a Tell-a-Friend Business Generator, and a private members only website with various promotional articles available. Blogging capability is also included, with users able to use the integrated blog, or utilize a WordPress blog as desired. A secure client portal is available for easy, confidential document sharing, and the product also offers RSS feed capability. Users can easily create a ‘Meet the Team’ section allows provides an introduction to firm partners and employees, and an interactive map is available that provides directions for new clients. The product easily integrates with social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. There is also an optional Social Media Management add-on which provides complete social media management including Facebook posts, blog posts, and tweets.  


CPA Site Solutions offers a good selection of user guides, videos and tutorials that are designed to assist new users in everything from initial setup to adding images and editing text. Toll free support is included with the product subscription, and each user is assigned a dedicated webmaster upon sign up.


With an extensive selection of templates and scalable pricing, CPA Site Solutions is well suited to accounting firms of just about any size. The Silver edition of CPA Site Solutions is priced at $52.50 per month; the Gold version is $72.50, and the Platinum version is $99.50. No contract is required, and users can pay month-to-month if they desire. Other services such additional SEO Optimization and Social Media Marketing are available at additional cost.    

2016 Rating 5 Stars