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2016 Review of Build Your Firm Accounting Website Packages

Build Your Firm Websites for Accountants (BYF) is part of the Build Your Firm brand that provides a variety of marketing tools designed for CPAs and accountants. Build Your Firm offers a variety of website plans including the Premier Plan, designed ...


Best Fit: Build Your Firm offers custom designed websites exclusively for accounting firms. A complete marketing program for accountants and CPAs, Build Your Firm is well suited to firms of any size.

Product Strengths:

  • Website creation is part of the marketing program offered by Build Your Firm that accountants can take advantage of
  • A custom newsletter option allows firms to send different newsletter to different clients
  • Product offers a secure file-sharing option
  • An online payment processing portal is available

Potential Limitations:

  • Additional services can be costly


Build Your Firm Websites for Accountants (BYF) is part of the Build Your Firm brand that provides a variety of marketing tools designed for CPAs and accountants. Build Your Firm offers a variety of website plans including the Premier Plan, designed for smaller CPA firms and accounting firms. Key features of the Premier plan include SEO, a responsive website design, file sharing capability, dedicated email addresses, newsletters, and no setup fees or contracts. The Niche website provides websites designed for a specific service or industry – a great choice for firms with a specialized service or industry. A Custom plan is also available, which offers a completely unique, custom built website. All of the website types are available in both Professional and Platinum levels, which will be covered later in the review.

Build Your Firm does not offer any template website options, but builds each website from scratch, using web consultants to create website pages and write page copy. Once the site is created, all subsequent changes are handled by these same consultants. Once a firm choosing the specific service level they are interested in, they are responsible for providing the Build Your Firm webmasters with relevant data to assist in the website creation, including a list of services offered by their firm, staff and partner bios, logos, and any other data that they want to include on the website. Firms can also opt to use one of the free logo options included in Build Your Firm, or have a designer create a unique logo for their firm.

Build Your Firm offers a wide variety of options that can be added to website, including the ability to add custom graphics, videos, and slides. Custom photos can also be uploaded to the website, or designers will choose from their library of over 600 professional stock photos. All websites are designed for a specific accounting firm, as well as location, and for firms that wish to reach more users on tablets and smartphones; responsive designs are available as well. The tax center allows clients to easily access tax tools, such as the ability to look up relevant tax rates, access numerous tax articles, and the ability to track a tax refund.

Firms can create an unlimited number of branded email accounts, and all domain services are included in the subscription. Multiple domains can be pointed to the website. An assigned consultant is also available to guide new users through email setup, as well as domain-related issues such as transferring or purchasing a new domain.

The content library provides firms with hundreds of articles that can be used in email communications with clients, as well as in newsletters and in a blog. Build Your Firm provides all subscribers with four new articles twice a month. Users can also log into the system and choose the articles they wish to provide their clients each month. The client resource area allows users to log into the system and make minor system changes, access confidential data, and access support personnel for support.

Users can also integrate a WordPress blog directly into the website, though there is a set-up fee and monthly charge for this service. Contact forms are also available on each website, which makes it easy for potential clients to initial contact, and for firms to grow their leads into future business.

Build Your Firm also offers easy integration with social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, with each plan offering SEO tools. The product’s file sharing tool allows firms to easily share confidential documents with their clients. One nice feature is the communication system that provides clients with the ability to post a review of a firm on Google, Yelp, or An add-on service, Pay Per Click is also available and provides accounting firms with pay per click campaign management. Build Your Firm also offers easy integration between a firm’s website and third party applications that allow easy integration with accounting and payroll services.

Build Your Firm websites are available in two hosting levels; Professional and Platinum. Professional level hosting includes up to three employee uses and 1 GB of storage. Platinum level hosting provides users with seven employee user accounts and 4GB of storage.

Summary and Pricing

Build Your Website is available in three different plans; Premier, Niche, and Custom. The Premier version does not have set up fee, but the Niche version has a one-time setup fee, as does the custom site. Both the Niche and the Custom websites feature custom slider images, and the Custom version offers firm branding and up to 35 pages of content. Each plan is available in either Professional or Platinum hosting levels. The Professional hosting is priced at $83.33 monthly, and the Platinum version is $99.95 per month.

Build Your Firm offers professional CPAs and accountants a complete platform of related marketing tools designed to increase clients and revenues, with Build Your Firm Website only one component of the package. Build Your Firm offers a Free Info Kit as well as a 60 day free trial for their website product.