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Paperback Version Of “Next-Level Accountants” Now Available

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The paperback version of Next-Level Accountants: Your guide to growing a firm of trusted advisors is now available. The book that brings together top accounting and valuation industry thought leaders to provide advice on how firms can add value to client engagements and grow their practices.

Just in time for summer reading, the book is now available in paperback through Amazon. Designed so that each chapter can be read in 3 to 5 minutes, Next-Level Accountants is an easy way to get small doses of advice and inspiration from top experts in firm strategy, compensation, marketing, client relations, client retention and technology. The book covers concrete tips to help firms create more value for their clients and increase profitability.

“Businesses need your accounting firm to go beyond the traditional services of compiling financials or providing tax returns,” Sageworks Chairman Brian Hamilton wrote in the book’s foreword. “They need your firm’s input to make better business decisions based on their financial information, and they need your help identifying and building the value of the business.”

Each chapter features advice from a different industry expert. Below are a few of the chapter titles in Next-Level Accountants:

  • Want a Firm Full of Trusted Advisors? Do This, Not That  – Featuring Charles H. Green
  • 3 Ways Trusted Advisors Communicate Effectively – Featuring Randall Bolten
  • Take These 6 Steps Toward Better Pricing – Featuring Ronald J. Baker
  • Create Time and Capacity for Advisory Services – Featuring Tom Hood
  • How to Develop a Growing Valuation Practice – Featuring Tim McDaniel
  • From Good to Great: Overcome Three Obstacles to Accounting Firm Growth – Featuring Joe Woodard
  • Mapping Your Tech Strategy – Featuring Erik Asgeirsson

Additionally, Gale Crosley and Doug Sleeter share insight on the importance of serving as “quarterback” for business clients. Jody Padar and Allan D. Koltin discuss approaches for providing a better client experience while securing the firm’s future growth. Marc Rosenberg and Gary R. Trugman give practical advice for freeing up time so accountants can work on strategy, management and other high-value work. August J. Aquila and Terrence E. Putney offer partner and practice-management strategies for transforming your firm’s focus to value-added advisory work. Finally, Kelly Phillips Erb shares best practices for developing some of the “soft skills” that set apart trusted advisors.

Sageworks is selling the book at cost ($11.57) on Amazon as a benefit to public accounting firm partners and staff.

To purchase the paperback book on Amazon, visit: Next-Level Accountants: Your guide to growing a firm of trusted advisors. To download the e-book, visit