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2016 Overview of WASP AssetCloud

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Ed. Note: AssetCloud is a new product and was not assigned star ratings in this review, due to it’s primary focus on asset inventory tracking.

AssetCloud from WASP was just released in April of this year. AssetCloud is designed for users that wish to track assets on a variety of devices including iOS, Android, or WASP mobile computers. The product is available in three Cloud versions plus an on-premise version, making it suitable for businesses of just about any size.

Basic System Functions

AssetCloud is available in three Cloud versions; Basic, Plus, and Complete. An On-Premise version is available as well. The Basic version supports only two system users, but both Plus and Complete support unlimited system users. Users are billed month-to-month, and no contract or commitment is required. Small businesses can start out with the Basic version and easily change plans to a more robust version at any time. AssetCloud offers five depreciation methods:

Straight Line, Double Declining Balance, 150% Declining Balance, Declining Balance Custom, and Sum-of-the-Years’ Digits. Designed for simplicity, the user dashboard is easily navigated, with users able to choose functions from the vertical menu to the left of the screen, with options available including View Assets, New Fixed Asset, New Multi-Quantity Asset, New Asset Type, and others. Related functions available include Transactions, Lookups, Audit, Reports, Users, and Mobility. Data entry screens are designed to be used with mobile devices and are straightforward and uncluttered, and require little data entry.    

Core Asset Management Features

The View Assets screen appears immediately upon system login and lists all assets currently in the AssetCloud database. The screen is completely customizable, and allows users to easily group assets by a chosen set of criteria. Users can easily create new fixed assets, adding an asset tag, which typically will contain a barcode for easy tracking. Users can also manually enter a tag, or have AssetCloud create one automatically.

When adding the new fixed asset, users can also use the tabs at the top of the screen to enter purchase details such as purchase order numbers, purchase date and cost. A depreciation method can also be entered from this screen as well. Users also have the option to add documents such as invoices, purchase orders, and equipment warranties to the asset. The Check-In/Check Out feature easily tracks asset usage among employees, customers and vendors. Users can also easily move an asset, dispose of it, recover it if it has been previously disposed, and convert the asset as needed.

AssetCloud also tracks funding for assets, with users able to enter the funding details as well as any assets associated with the funding. Funding restrictions can also be added to any fund created in AssetCloud. Contracts can be managed as well, with users simply entering contract details, and choosing any assets associated with the contract. The Mass Update function allows users to update multiple assets at once. With a central location to manage all assets including contracts, service agreements, warranties and licenses, users can easily manage all of these items, including start and expiration dates and items and services covered.


Users can access the various reports available by clicking on the down arrow next to the appropriate category. Categories include Asset Reports, Asset Depreciation Reports, Audit Reports, Check Out Reports, Contract/License Reports, Funding Reports, Transaction Reports, and Other Reports,   Users can also print both labels and receipts from the Reports screen. Reports can be scheduled to run at any time, and users can easily create a custom version of the default report by accessing the Report Design option included in the product. All custom reports can be easily saved for future access.


AssetCloud is designed to integrate with all WASP products, including its comprehensive barcode and inventory control modules. The product is designed to work on both iOS, and Android devices, as well as mobile computers, with users able to easily access, add, edit, move or audit assets directly from their mobile device.  


The AssetCloud Resource Center offers a variety of tools designed for the new user, including a User Guide, FAQ’s, and Case Studies. Users can also access product training and support options from this area as well. Product training is available, beginning with a Getting Started webinar. Other training options include virtual coaching sessions, and onsite coaching, with costs varying depending on customer needs. Toll-free product support is available during regular business hours, and on-line support is available through the Wasp Barcode Customer Access portal.

Summary and Pricing

AssetCloud, from WASP Barcode Technology is a brand new product designed for both business owners and accountants that wish to track assets for clients. Pricing for the Basic version of AssetCloud is $49.00 per month for up to two users. The Plus Plan is $79.00 per month, and is ideal for small to mid-sized businesses.

Add-on modules are available for the Plus version of the product, including Custom Reporting and Company budget Tracking. The Complete version of AssetCloud is $119 per month, offers the same add on modules, and is the best fit for businesses or accountants that need to track a large number of assets at multiple locations (or businesses).

Users can also select a hardware bundle when purchasing AssetCloud, choosing from a variety of options including software, a mobile computer, asset tag printer, and barcode labeling software, as well as technical support and user training.



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