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2016 Review of Wasp Barcode QuickStore POS

QuickStore, from Wasp Barcode Technologies is a point of sale product designed specifically for the retail industry. Available in three versions; Rapid Start, Professional, and Multi-Store, QuickStore offers bundled kits that include both software and ...


Best Fit: With a strong emphasis on inventory and bar code technology, Wasp Barcode QuickStore is well suited for a variety of retailers including general apparel, gift stores, and liquor and sporting goods stores.

QuickStore, from Wasp Barcode Technologies is a point of sale product designed specifically for the retail industry. Available in three versions; Rapid Start, Professional, and Multi-Store, QuickStore offers bundled kits that include both software and hardware, for quick store setup.

Product Strengths:

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Ideal for smaller brick and mortar retailers
  • Multiple versions for various size businesses

Potential Limitations:

  • Limited inventory management tools
  • No e-commerce integrations

From the 2016 Reviews of Point-of-Sale Systems.


QuickStore’s main user interface includes a drop down menu at the top of the screen that offers easy access to system functions such as Lists, Activities, Reports, Setup, and Maintenance. A series of icons below offer access to frequently used functions such as New Sale, Item, Customer, PO, Receive, Tags, Orders, and Clock. To process sales, click on the New Sale icon, where users can choose from a variety of sales options including New Sale, Layaway, Gift Certificate, and Quote. Users can quickly scan products, or enter a product number.

Options are available for looking up product codes, and users can also search for an existing customer, or add a new customer on the fly. Users can accept multiple tender types, including multiple types for each transaction. Along with general sales, users can also enter other transactions such as layaways, special orders, and customer quotes. User roles are defined upon system setup, and consist of six separate areas; customers, inventory, maintenance/miscellaneous, reporting, sales, and setup. Each user is assigned a user level, which will determine system accessibility.

The RapidStart product is ideal for the single store that does not process a large amount of transactions. The Professional solution is also designed for the single store that needs multiple checkout options, and a large selection of inventory. The Multi-Store option can easily handle multiple store locations, and uses polling technology to pull sales data from other stores into the main system.    

Each product can be assigned up to five different prices, and users can easily adjust pricing levels in the inventory management function, with the ability to adjust pricing formulas, retail prices, and cost prices using a variety of methods such as percent or fixed amount.


QuickStore easily integrates with touch screen monitors, and the pre-packaged bundles offered by Wasp Barcode allow users to purchase everything they need from a single source. QuickStore also works with standard computer monitors, and the product offers the ability to choose the preferred method during product setup. Users can set up an unlimited number of tender types, and cashiers can accept multiple tender types for any transaction.

QuickStore contains excellent customer management capability, with the ability to track vital data such as demographics, billing information, sales and tax information, credit cards, credit instructions, and special discounts and pricing levels for each customer. QuickStore easily processes transactions such as layaways, handles quotes, special orders, and gift certificates. Designed specifically for retail businesses, QuickStart is not suitable for restaurants or grocery stores.


QuickStore offers a solid selection of reporting options in five categories; Sales, Inventory, Customer, Lists, and Other. Sales reports such as Daily Checkout and Sales by Clerk help track daily transactions are available, as well as inventory reports such as Inventory Summary and Inventory Aging track and manage daily inventory levels.

Top 40 Items by Type allow managers to track best-selling products in their inventory, and Sales by Customer and a Customer Birthday report allow retailers to track and manage buying history and personal demographics for their best customers. There are also a solid selection of cash drawer reports, such as the Actual Cash and Credit Count, and the Shift Summary, which provides a total for each cashier. The Time Clock Detail report allows managers to print a detailed report for each employee that includes shift hour detail and any overtime worked and includes a detailed record of all transactions processed during their shift.

All QuickStore reports are processed in real time, with totals adjusted as transactions are entered.


QuickStore POS is just one of the many products offered by Wasp Barcode, which also include inventory control, asset management, time & attendance, and bar code technology software. All products integrate easily, and a GL interface in also available for those using QuickBooks products.

While bundles can be purchased that include both hardware and software, users can also opt to purchase hardware peripherals such as barcode printers, barcode scanners, labels, and other related supplies separately. Also available is an optional shipping interface that allows full integration with UPS shipping. All system reports can be exported to third party applications, and users can email invoices and statements directly to customers as needed.

HELP/SUPPORT: 4.75 Stars

QuickStore contains excellent help functionality, including a variety of on-screen tutorials designed to guide new users through system setup and general operational functions such as general navigation, store setup, and inventory management. The website contains a terrific selection of tools for users to choose from including a comprehensive knowledgebase, a selection of product tutorials, and a getting started option. Product demos are available to download if desired and training options include both instructor led training as well as on-site training options. There is also an online user support manual that can be downloaded from the website as well.

Technical support hours are 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Central Time, with live chat support available. Users can also access toll-free telephone support, as well as request support online.


QuickStore POS from Wasp Barcode Technologies is available in a bundled package that includes POS software, a cash drawer, barcode scanner, thermal receipt printer, power supply, magnetic card reader, and a 1-year maintenance agreement. The Professional and Multi-Store versions also include a POS keyboard, POS Shoe, and Pole Display.

The Standard version of QuickStart is $999.00; Professional is $1,995, and the Multi-Store version is $2,995.

2016 Overall Rating: 4.50 Stars