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2016 Review of Keystroke Advanced POS

Optimally designed for retailers with that require more comprehensive inventory management and distribution capability, Keystroke is an easily navigated product that offers scalability and excellent reporting capability.


Best Fit: Keystroke Advanced is an excellent choice for retailers with multiple store locations that require advanced inventory and multi-location management capability, but is truly geared towards small to mid-sized retailers.


  • Available in three versions
  • Offers excellent inventory management capability
  • Strong support for multistore retailers
  • Product offers excellent customization capability

Potential Weaknesses

  • No dedicated CRM functionality
  • Loyalty and rewards function not available

Optimally designed for retailers with that require more comprehensive inventory management and distribution capability, Keystroke is an easily navigated product that offers scalability and excellent reporting capability.

From the 2016 review of Small Business Point-of-Sale systems.


Users can access Keystroke through the Main Menu, where a series of tabs offer access to system functions such as Sales Manager, Database Manager, Purchase Manager, Report Manager, Label Manager, A/R, Configuration Manager, and Custom options. Sales are processed through the Sales Manager function. The sales entry screen utilizes navigational tools such as drop-down menus and pop-up windows that make it easy to locate the option needed.

Users can opt to process transactions as a cash sale, or can access customer data to process the sales invoice. Lookup options make it easy to locate customers, products, and other data, and users can easily edit or add customer data on the fly. The user interface is fully customizable, with users able to easily create custom toolbars, while providing access to frequently used tasks from the main user interface.

Users have the option to choose from a variety of tasks such as Make a Sale, Make a Sales Order, Item Layaway, Receive Payment on Account, as well as other selections. Sales entry screens are optimized for easy data entry, with cashiers able to easily access product or customer lists, scan a product, or add data if needed.

All system users are provided with an individual login number and password, and security is assigned by group levels including General, Modules, Databases, Sales Manager, Sales Transactions, Purchase Manager, AR, and Closeout. All users must log in, and if the system is idle for a specific period of time, the system will require users to login in again.

The optional Multi-Store module allows managers to access data from additional locations, with the system handling automatic polling and data consolidation. The sales entry screen allows users to easily process multiple transaction types from a single screen, and those accessing other modules will find it easy to access multiple features found within each particular module. Navigation arrows allow users to quickly access historical data such as previous sales.  

Users can easily assign up to 6 pricing levels for all inventoried items, and can easily handle multiple warehouses or distribution points. The product also works well with retailers with a product catalog or for those that process mail order items on a regular basis.

The latest version of the product contains a series of enhancements in both the sales and purchasing modules and also contains PCI PA-DSS compliant payment processing software is included with the product and offers a secure environment for processing credit and debit cards, EBT transactions, and check verification.


Keystroke Advanced allows users to utilize either a PC or a touch screen monitor to process sales transactions. The product offers easy integration with e-Commerce programs, with webstores setup as a separate location. Keystroke allows users to easily accept multiple tenders types including cash, credit, debit, EBT, gift cards, special order payments, layaways, and payment on account. A customer loyalty program is currently being developed, and should be available in the near future.

Cashiers can easily look up customer data using a variety of search criteria, and can also track data such as multiple shipping addresses, family data, job information, and even shopping preferences. Managers can also assign sales incentives to customers based on the individual shopping history. User defined fields are available for those wishing to track additional levels of data, and both EBT and gift card payments are easily processed in Keystroke Advanced.  


Keystroke Advanced offers excellent reporting options, with users able to track vital data such as profits by location, sales tax, item history, clerk information, and detailed transaction history. All reports are processed in real time, and users can easily access the reports needed from a variety of categories including Sales, Database, Purchases, and Inventory. Reports can be easily customized, and users can add any customized report to the Saved Report option for quick future access.

Users can easily track inventory movement and inventory history, as well as information such as sales returns, inventory analysis, non-inventory sales, and line item markdowns. Customer activity can also be tracked, with users able to track customer purchasing levels, including a detailed list of transactions applied to each specific customer. The Report Editor also provides users with more in-depth report customization and creation capabilities.

Keystroke Advanced offers excellent audit trail functionality throughout the product, with the system recording all transactions entered into the system by each assigned user. Managers also have access to an internal audit log that offers even greater detail.


Keystroke Advanced is a completely integrated system, with all modules working together. With the availability of three editions of the product, users can easily purchase Keystroke Express or Keystroke, and later upgrade to the more robust Keystroke Advanced without any data loss or drop in productivity. The product also integrates with third party accounting applications such as QuickBooks or Sage 50, and users can easily import inventory, customer, contacts, and vendor data directly into the product. Those with multiple store locations can simply poll data from those locations into the main location each evening.

Keystroke Advanced offers easy integration with standard point of sale hardware peripherals including barcode scanners, receipt printers, custom barcode label printers, signature capture PIN pads, MICR check readers, electronic scales, electronic cash drawers, and portable data collection devices. The product offer time clock functionality, with all hours worked tracked via the login-logout function.  


Help functionality is found in all data entry screens throughout Keystroke Advanced. Users can access system updates and patches by subscribing to a Software Maintenance Service Plan, with all updates accessible from the Updates Library. Product support is available during regular business hours, and local authorized Keystroke POS dealers are available to help as well. Keystroke Advanced offers three levels of support; Silver, Gold, and Gold MultiStore.

Each subscription offers varying levels of support as well as toll-free support, with the number of support cases dependent on the plan subscription. The first 90 days after purchase are free.  Training options are available directly from Keystroke at their corporate headquarters, or from local authorized product resellers.


With the availability of three versions, Keystroke is suitable for just about any retail business, but will truly shine in a multistore environment. Pricing for Keystroke Advanced POS starts at around $2,000, with add-on modules extra. Keystroke Express, the newest edition to the Keystroke family is available for $495.00. The product can also be purchased from local resellers if desired.  

2016 Overall Rating: 4.75 Stars



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