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2016 Review of FUND E-Z Nonprofit Accounting


From the 2016 Reviews of Nonprofit Accounting Systems.

FUND E-Z from FUND E-Z Development Corporation is an industry-tested nonprofit accounting product that offers small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations with the tools they need at an affordable price. Pricing for a single user starts at $1,995.00 for the basic edition, which is suitable for most nonprofits. The add-on fundraising module is available for $995.

Best Fit: FUND E-Z is nonprofit accounting software well suited to small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations. FUND E-Z is available in two editions, making it simple to scale up to a more robust version if necessary.

Product Strengths

  • Customizable user interface
  • Available in two editions; Basic and Pro
  • Strong budgeting capabilities
  • Optional custom chart of accounts to further define accounts
  • Product works across fiscal years

Potential Weaknesses

  • System does not offer a dedicated grants management module at this time
  • E-features are limited

For over 20 years, FUND E-Z has been delivering nonprofit software solutions to small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations. With robust budgeting capabilities and allocation capability, FUND E-Z allows users to track multiple grants and projects in multiple years.


FUND E-Z is available in two versions; a basic version which is well suited to smaller nonprofits, and the Pro version, which offers custom chart of accounts capability. The FUND E-Z user interface uses a ribbon-style menu throughout the product, with users able to customize the interface via the Quick Access toolbar, which allows users to populate the toolbar with frequently used functions. The activity region provides users with easy access to visited screens, and lookup capability is found throughout the product. Drop down arrows are available to use when searching for a particular feature.  

Dashboards are available upon logging into the system, and provide users with a series of key performance indicators that provide relevant detail about the health of the organization. FUND-E-Z offers a good selection of modules in the basic version including GL, Bank Reconciliation, Budgeting, AP, AR, Client Billing (Sales), Direct Allocations, Security, and Tools. Only available in the Pro version are a custom Chart of Accounts function, Purchase Orders and Encumbrances, and Indirect Allocations.


The basic version of FUND E-Z offers users a standard chart of accounts with fixed segments, with users able to utilize up to 22 characters. For users that opt for the Custom Chart of Accounts only available in the Pro version, they can utilize up to 100 characters using variable segments.   The product can easily handle multiple transaction types including invoicing, cash disbursements, system voids and adjustments, cash receipts, direct allocations, and the ability to create mail merge letters and other mailings as needed.

Data can be entered on the fly in FUND E-Z, and users can take advantage of FUND E-Z’s multiple budget options, including detailed or summary budgets, comparison budget, the ability to create budgets that cross fiscal years, and the ability to view budget spreadsheets for any date range within a 24 month time frame. Users can enter budget revisions at any time while still keeping the original budget for reference purposes. In-grid makes it easy to edit budget totals when necessary, and budgets can be easily extended beyond the original 12 month period.

The custom chart of accounts allows users to track organizational grants and projects, and forced balancing rules ensure that all funds are balanced at all times. FUND-E-Z’s optional fundraising module allows users to manage donor activity, including donations, gifts, and pledges. Users can also track individual giving campaigns, including appeals and sub-appeals. Mail merge functionality makes it easy to track all mailings and performance of those mailings.

FUND E-Z maintains an unlimited number of fiscal years, with users able to post in the new fiscal year without closing the prior year. Built-in audit trail functionality tracks all data entry activity, including any additions, deletions, or edits made in the system. Invoices and statements can be mailed directly to clients at any time, and the system can be accessed remotely from any location.  


FUND E-Z’s dashboards are immediately visible upon login, and display a series of easy to read grids, pie charts, bar graphs, and other information. Users can create their own dashboard fields for display, and different users can be set up to default to the dashboard that is best suited for their position. Multiple budgets can be created for grants, projects, and programs that need activity to be tracked separately, and annual budgets can be created using only a few months of data history, with the ability to adjust totals going forward.

System security is multi-level, with management able to grant users varying levels of system access including full control, add-edit, add-only, read-only, or no access. There are also five separate levels of security that can be assigned for each individual system function, including the restriction of certain segments. The product’s AR module easily handles all accounts receivable activities, including the ability to create up to 20 custom fields in order to better track client receivables. The optional fundraising module handles all fundraising related activities, and the document management function allows users to easily attach relevant documents to any file in FUND E-Z.


FUND E-Z contains built-in report writer functionality, making it easy for users to create custom reports as needed. The product also includes a good selection of standard reports that can be easily customized as needed. Users can create reports across fiscal years, and will easily produce nonprofit specific reports such as 990’s and FASB 117. Financial statements can be printed by segment, and all reports contain drill down capability, allowing users to see originating data for each financial statement total. Drag-and-Drop functionality allows users to create custom reports by grouping accounts as needed. All reports can be exported to a variety of formats including PDF, HTML, CSV, and Text. FUND E-Z will also integrate with F9 Financial Reporter.


FUND E-Z allows users to import data directly from Excel or other text files. Users can also import other data including journal entries, cash receipts, cash disbursements, invoices and bills, as well as donor and budget information.   Mentioned earlier, FUND E-Z also exports data to formats such as Excel, HTML, and PDF. All FUND E-Z modules integrate seamlessly, and users can easily scale up to the Pro version of the product if necessary.   Accountants can also access client files remotely by obtaining a valid system login.


FUND E-Z offers users excellent Help functionality throughout. Additional system training is available online, at a cost of $295.00 per class. All new users are required to purchase a maintenance agreement which is in effect for 12 months and includes all software upgrades and revisions released during the year. The maintenance plan also provides free unlimited telephone assistance from the FUND E-Z support center. Pricing for the maintenance plan starts at $495.00 per year.


FUND E-Z from FUND E-Z Development Corporation is an industry-tested nonprofit accounting product that offers small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations with the tools they need at an affordable price. Pricing for a single user starts at $1,995.00 for the basic edition, which is suitable for most nonprofits. The add-on fundraising module is available for $995.

2016 Overall Rating: 4.75 Stars