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2015 Review of Run Powered by ADP – Payroll for Partners

Designed specifically for accounting professionals, RUN Payroll for Partners from ADP offers end-to-end payroll tax filing service, as well as access to HR tools for clients.


From the 2015 reviews of professional payroll systems.

Best Fit: RUN Payroll for Partners from ADP was designed specifically for accounting professionals looking to process payroll for their clients.

Product Strengths:

  • Flexible offerings from a do-it-yourself approach to full service
  • Cloud based for easy access from anywhere
  • Product integrates with HR products
  • Solid support options throughout the product

Potential Limitations

  • Learning curve may be steeper with product

Designed specifically for accounting professionals, RUN Payroll for Partners from ADP offers end-to-end payroll tax filing service, as well as access to HR tools for clients.

Basic System Functions: 5 Stars

RUN Powered by ADP Payroll for Partners is a web-based service platform that offers a well-designed product that can be used on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. The Payroll home screen offers a drop down menu at the top, and access to employees, companies, reports, taxes, and a GL. Icons to the left of the screen represent various payroll related functions, and a to-do list populates the area directly to the right of the icons.

Specifically designed for accounting firms, the firm view of the user interface is where all client activity is managed, with users able to choose from a list of functions from the vertical menu to the left of the screen. Here users can access clients, enter or update firm details, print checks, add a client, add or update user security, and access various system tools. Multiple users can access the system simultaneously, but only one user can edit data at a time.

Payroll entry can be completed by the accounting firm or clients can have access to the system to complete time entry. Once data entry has been completed, the payroll is reviewed by the accountant prior to processing. Once payroll is finalized, ADP handles all tax compliance issues, including federal, state and local filing and remittance processing. Users also have the option to process payroll taxes in house, using non-electronic filing methods if preferred.

Users have access to a preview of all payroll liability and cash requirements prior to running payroll. ADP RUN supports tax tables for all 50 states, and users can easily enter after-the-fact payroll by accessing the Manual Check feature on the main screen. ADP RUN handles employee direct deposit, with each employee able to have a check direct deposited to up to four separate bank accounts.

Reporting & Monitoring: 4.5 Stars

A To-Do List is available on the ADP RUN home screen, which offers a list of items that need to be addressed. ADP RUN also offers Tax and Compliance Services, which handles all tax and related functions such as Employment Tax, Tax Credits, Wage Garnishments, Unemployment Claims, W-2 Management, as well as all tax filings and payments. ADP RUN offers a solid selection of payroll and related reports.

All reports are accessible from the reports option, with four categories available. Reports are produced in real time and users can choose the year and date range they wish use when processing reports. Users can also filter reports by employee as well. Reports can be exported to Excel if further customization is desired.

All clients are easily managed through the Firm View of the product, and the product easily handles workers compensation tracking and management, with a workers compensation plan available through a third-party insurance company.

Integration/Import/Export: 5 Stars

Along with payroll, ADP RUN Payroll for Partners offers complete integration with a variety of products and services that both you and your clients will find valuable, including Human Resource Management, Benefits Administration, Health Care Reform Management, and Time and Attendance systems. Direct integration is available for QuickBooks products including Online, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise, and well as Thomson Reuters Accounting CS and Xero Accounting systems.

Help/Support: 4.5 Stars

ADP RUN Payroll for Partners offers excellent online help functionality for all system users, accessible through the question mark icon found on data entry screens throughout the product. Users also have access to a getting started guide that helps new users through system setup. A variety of tools and resources are also available online, including access to the entire CCH Resource Library. The Resource Library and Learning Center offers access to numerous industry related publications, and Webinars are available as well. Phone and email support is also available for system users, with extended hours offered during peak periods.

An online system, all product updates are handled directly by ADP, and all accounting firms are provided with a dedicated sales associate. Accounting professionals are also provided with access to a HelpDesk staffed by HR professionals that can answer any HR related questions.

Client Self-Service Features: 5 Stars

ADP RUN offers a portal for employees to access, with firms in control of system access levels. Employees can have three levels of access; view only, employee time entry, and the ability to make changes in employee records.

Clients have easy access to W-2’s, which can be viewed and printed for employee distribution. Portals can be easily branded with a firm logo or other identifying feature.

Advanced Features: 5 Stars

ADP RUN can easily handle union or other specialized payroll calculations, as well as certified payroll. The product also offers integration with a variety of HR compliance tools that are designed to help manage employees. One terrific feature is the ability to create an employee handbook using the tools provided by ADP RUN.

Summary & Pricing

RUN Powered by ADP Payroll for Partners is designed specifically for accounting professionals that wish to offer online payroll processing and related services to their clients. ADP offers simple product pricing, which is available upon request from ADP.

2015 Overall Rating: 4.75 Stars