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2015 Review of Paychex Flex

Paychex Flex is the newly rebranded Paychex Online product. Designed to integrate payroll functionality with payroll related features such as HR and employee benefits, Paychex Flex is truly a flexible product that is custom designed around each customer.


From the 2015 reviews of professional payroll systems.

Best Fit: Paychex is well-suited for all businesses, but can be a useful resource for accounting professionals looking to offer a web-based payroll solution to clients

Product Strengths:

  • Product offers both web-browser and mobile access
  • Product offers a single sign in option for accountants for easy client management
  • Great import/export capabilities
  • Solid reporting options

Potential Limitations:

  • Various product subscription levels can quickly escalate pricing
  • Limited HR functions without subscribing to additional services

Paychex Flex is the newly rebranded Paychex Online product. Designed to integrate payroll functionality with payroll related features such as HR and employee benefits, Paychex Flex is truly a flexible product that is custom designed around each customer.

Basic System Functions: 5 Stars

Paychex Flex offers payroll and related functions from a single integrated platform, which includes Payroll, Recruiting and Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, HRIS, Benefits Administration, Time & Attendance, and Retirement options. Users can choose the options they desire, and only pay for those selected options. Paychex Flex offers both an administrators dashboard, as well as an employee dashboard. A series of tabs called tiles is displayed on the dashboard offering access to all system functions that are currently subscribed to. The product now offers single sign-in access, so accountants can easily view all of their clients by scrolling through a list. The system handles multiple users, with each user provided with their own unique login and password. The system dashboard conveniently displays a list of all users that are logged into the system. The user dashboard can be customized to suit the needs of system users, and quick proximity to frequently used functions and links are available from the dashboard as well.

Paychex Flex can easily handle multiple clients and an unlimited number of employees, with users able to access the system using any web browser or through a mobile app designed for iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices.

Users can easily control system access permissions; assigning varying access levels to each individual client.   Because of the variety of options available, each version of Paychex Flex is designed specifically for the entity purchasing the product.

Payroll processing can be generated automatically; a benefit for companies with salaried employees. Users can also enter payroll totals using the grid-style interface that is designed for more efficient data entry. The grid is also customizable, so users can eliminate options they will not use, leaving only the categories they will utilize.

Paychex Flex offers handles all payroll-related tax issues and supports tax table for all 50 states. After the fact payroll data can be easily entered into the system, and multi-state tax processing is supported as well. Paychex offers a wide variety of pay options, including direct deposit, paper checks, paycards, as well as related services such as laser check signing and paycheck insertion into envelopes.

Reporting & Monitoring: 5 Stars

Dues dates for both current and future payroll cycles are displayed on the user dashboard, with all tax related calculations and form compliance done by Paychex, although firms have the option to complete tax related functions in house if desired. Prior to finalizing a payroll run, users will have access to both the payroll journal as well as a cash needs report, which displays financial impact on accounts. Once the reviews are complete, users can simply hit the Submit PR tab to process payroll.

Paychex also collects all necessary funds for tax payments and submits to federal, state, and local agencies on or before the due date, although this, too, can be done in-house if desired.

Paychex offers a terrific selection of reports that cover payroll and all related functions. An optional custom reporting tool is also available that allows users to create a custom layout and report criteria based on existing system reports. Conveniently, six months of user-generated reports are available for review, and all reports can be exported to a PDF file, or Excel, as well as printed or emailed directly from the report interface.

Integration/Import/Export: 5 Stars

Paychex Flex integrates with other related Paychex functions, including garnishment payment services, general ledger links, Taxpay, Paychex Accounting Online, and the Paychex Online HR Library. Any number of time clock options are available, with time data easily imported through the Paychex time system, or from third party time and attendance and time clock applications.

Using the General Ledger service, all accounting data can be exported to a variety of third-party accounting applications including QuickBooks, Sage products such as Sage 50, Datafaction, Intacct, and others. Paychex can also provide custom mapping options to just about any application desired.

Help/Support: 5 Stars

Paychex Online offers a variety of help and support options throughout the product. All users are assigned a dedicated account rep, which will handle all support issues going forward. Telephone and email support is available 24/7, with the account rep handling support during regular business hours. There are also links to training videos, tutorials, and FAQ’s. Paychex also offers a set of free accountant tools including the Accountant Knowledge Center, CPE seminars and webinars, and other publications. All tax and compliance issues are updated by Paychex on a regular basis, so users will always have access to the most current information.

Client Self-Service Features: 5 Stars

Paychex Flex allows accountants to choose the level of system access they wish to provide their clients, with clients potentially able to enter time and related data for each employee.   Employees can also access the system through the employee dashboard, with authorized users able to update 401K information, tax information, as well as update user names and passwords. Both current and past check stubs are available for access, as is W-2 information. Employees can access the system online or using a mobile device, and are only given access to their own personal information.

Advanced Features: 5 Stars

Paychex Flex can easily handle specialized payroll options such as union payroll and certified payrolls. The product also offers a series of HR and compliance tools for accountants to access, if desired.

Summary & Pricing

Paychex Flex is the newly designed, rebranded Paychex Online, and offers a more streamlined user experience than before. Easily accessible from any location, using just about any device, Paychex Flex is designed to be flexible, scalable, and convenient.

Pricing for the system is available upon request, based on the needs of the accounting firm.

2015 Overall Rating: 5 Stars