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Jim Boomer, CPA.CITP, CGMA, MBA – 2015 40 Under 40 Honoree

This year’s 40 Under 40 honorees are among the best and brightest talent in the accounting profession. They are all active in the professional community, as well as in their local communities, where many are small business owners and employers.

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Jim Boomer, CPA.CITP, CGMA, MBA – 39

Boomer Consulting, Inc.
Manhattan, KS

Twitter: jimboomer


What is the name of one book that has been a great influence to you?

“Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High” is one of many books that have influenced me personally and professionally.  This book has helped me with my internal and external communications and helping me to look at difficult conversations from multiple perspectives.

In what ways have you contributed to your firm/company to make it better?

Through investment in technology, talent, process improvement and company culture, Boomer Consulting’s leadership team is continually striving to make our company a better place. Our technology roadmap resulted in our company being 100% in the cloud.  This has enabled staff to work remotely with ease.  With a continual focus on efficiencies, we have implemented Lean Six Sigma to streamline the processes in our firm.  Just last year, the company embraced Five Star Client Service to improve how the staff works with one another and our clients.

In what ways do you participate in the professional community to change/improve the accounting profession?

I’ve been very active in the AICPA and KSCPA for the last several years.  I’ve helped plan and organize the AICPA TECH+ Conference as a member of the planning committee for the last 8 years and recently became chair.  I also served on the CITP credentials committee for 3 years and took an active role in developing the certification exam as the chair of task force responsible for bringing the exam to reality.  At the state level, I am in my second term on the Board of Directors, this time as a member of the executive committee as Secretary/Treasurer.  Finally, I’ve participated in both the AICPA Leadership Academy and KSCPA 20 Up to 40 Leadership Program.  I am grateful for all of these opportunities to serve and give back to a profession that has provided me with so much.

In what ways do you participate in your local community to help others?

Giving back to those less fortunate is very important.  Our family regularly identifies worthy causes to volunteer to help people in need.  This has given us the opportunity to give back to our community and teach our children the importance of philanthropy. 

Boomer Consulting does an annual philanthropic event where we dedicate a day to giving back to our local community.  This year we sponsored and participated in the Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Bowl for Kids’ Sake and in 2014 we built shelving and providing crucial supplies to the local women’s shelter.  We also support our clients’ philanthropic initiatives through donations of time and money.

What changes do you foresee in the accounting profession of the near future (3-5 years)?

The rate of change will only increase in the coming years, just as it has in the past.  This means there will be a lot of major changes in our profession but two of the most impactful include:

  • Increasing automation due to technology will have a major impact on not only the way we do our work but also what work we do.  As traditional tasks are streamlined or even replaced by technology, many of the profession’s core services will face commoditization.  This means firms will need to add more consultative advisory services and completely change (for the better) the relationships they have with their clients.
  • As Baby Boomers start to retire, there will be a changing of the guard in terms of leadership.  This requires planning today to make sure the pipeline of next generation of leaders is ready to take over the reins.  It also requires significant collaboration between the current leaders and the up-and-comers to develop a transition plan that works for both parties.

How do you see yourself participating in shaping the future of the accounting profession?

We strive to make our clients, team and partners successful and future ready.  Whether it is in the area of leadership, talent, growth or technology we provide guidance, access to resources and expertise and the confidence people need to move forward toward the next phase of our profession.

What is your career philosophy?

Treat everyone with respect and build deep, lasting relationships with smart people.  If you surround yourself with the right people, opportunity has a way of finding you.

Describe one person who has been an important mentor to you and how that person helped change your life.

There are two important mentors I’ve had thus far in my career.  The first was a Senior Manager at Arthur Andersen, Eric Bower.  He was a role model in showing me the path to work/life balance through hard work, prioritization and making the most of the time you have with your family.  Second is my father and now business partner, Gary Boomer.  Since an early age he has helped me navigate the twists and turns of my life and then career.  Thousands of professionals have benefited from his wisdom and experience over the years, including me.



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