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Jeremy Scott – 2015 40 Under 40 Honoree

This year’s 40 Under 40 honorees are among the best and brightest talent in the accounting profession. They are all active in the professional community, as well as in their local communities, where many are small business owners and employers.

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Jeremy Scott – 37

Editor in Chief, Commentary & Analysis, Tax Analysts
Falls Church, Virginia

What is the name of one book that has been a great influence to you?
Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

In what ways have you contributed to your firm/company to make it better?
I was the editor of our company’s flagship product, Tax Notes, for five years, helping to expand its coverage and rebuild its relationship with the legal and accounting community.  I was promoted last year to editor in chief of the commentary and analysis products, which include Tax Notes, Tax Notes International, and State Tax Notes.  I am working hard to make sure that our outside commentary and internal analysis remain unparalleled in the field of tax journalism.

In what ways do you participate in the professional community to change/improve the accounting profession?
Our products are widely read in the accounting and legal profession.  I frequently engage with top lawyers and accountants who are looking to be published or submit technical commentary on breaking developments in tax.

In what ways do you participate in your local community to help others?
I try to help the local community through volunteer work and being active in pro bono projects.

What changes do you foresee in the accounting profession of the near future (3-5 years)?
The move away from the GAAP and IFRS convergence project, or at least its postponement, means that FASB and IASB must continue to find new ways to harmonize differing standards.  This will place great pressure on U.S. accountants and auditors.  Continuing turmoil at the IRS, and the massive budget cuts that Congress continues to contemplate for the Service, will also impact tax practitioners.  We could see major changes to how guidance is issued by Treasury and what kinds of private letter rulings are available in the future.

How do you see yourself participating in shaping the future of the accounting profession?
As the editor in chief of three major tax journalism publications, I can help to highlight the difficulties facing tax practitioners in the future, and provide a forum for accountants, policymakers, and attorneys to help educate their peers or call attention to important practice developments.

What is your career philosophy?
My goal has been to find a career path that is rewarding professionally, while at the same time providing work/life balance.  I’ve found that at Tax Analysts, a wonderful place to work.  I want to be engaged with the tax community, and help highlight what issues are important and being in the world of tax journalism and publishing has provided that opportunity.

Describe one person who has been an important mentor to you and how that person helped change your life. 
The first attorney who supervised me, Milt Theologou, helped teach me how to respect my clients, balance competing demands on time, and practice law in a professional manner.  He was invaluable in setting the tone for my later career.


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