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Apps We Love – Mobile Career Tools for Accountants

We are covering career-related apps this month. Whether you're planning on furthering your own career, working with others as a mentor, or in a position to do some hiring, our CPA Practice Advisor community has some recommendations that will surely help y

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We are covering career-related apps this month. Whether you’re planning on furthering your own career, working with others as a mentor, or in a position to do some hiring, our CPA Practice Advisor community has some recommendations that will surely help you!

Jim Bourke, CPA.CITP, CFF, CGMA, partner in charge of internal technology at WithumSmith+Brown recommends Glassdoor and states that, “Hands down, this has to be one of the best reference tools for those seeking a position with a new company.” With Glassdoor you can learn about salaries and benefits and read reviews of firms and their management. “Glassdoor is very well known for their information rich site on inside information about companies directly from the opinions of current and past employees,” said Bourke. “Now that data is accessible right from your smartphone via the Glassdoor app.”

Barrett Young, CPA, founding member of The Green Abacus, concurs, describing Glassdoor as “one of the best websites for job seekers on the web today. Glassdoor puts the impetus on the employer to create a culture worth working in, and gives new and former employees a channel to communicate what really goes on within the company. As an employer myself, I welcome that kind of transparency and look forward to attracting top talent based on something beyond salary.”

Sandra Wiley, COO at Boomer Consulting, has been involved in human resources for decades. She suggests Jobs by CareerBuilder for those who are looking for a job; Resume Genie – a free and effective resume builder; KPMG Go – a great app for those who are specifically looking for jobs within KPMG, Job Interview Questions Prep – a great app, fun and interesting.

Dustin Wheeler, CPA, tax manager at Hawkins Cloward & Simister, says that “ is a helpful tool to organize relationships and companies in a job search. The site has a community to collaborate with other users.” The founder also writes a blog about LinkedIn at filled with useful tips.

Danielle Supkis Cheek, CPA, CFE, CVA, and president of Houston-based D. Supkis Cheek, PLLC, suggests using a closet tracker app. There are several available, including Cloth, Netrobe, Stylebook, and TouchCloset. Use the app to keep track of what you wear each day so you’re not wearing the same outfit repeatedly with the same people. “I could see that being useful if you are going on multiple rounds of interviews with several different companies,” Cheek said. “Most communication is non-verbal. It is very important to look the part of the job you want, particularly during the interviewing process. However, if you go on many rounds of interviews with different prospective employers, it can be hard to remember what you wore last time.”

David Cieslak, CPA.CITP, GSEC, principal with Arxis Technology, and Paul Loftus, vice president of sales and revenue retention at Wolters Kluwer, recommend LinkedIn, which Cieslak refers to as “the most logical suspect.” Loftus says that LinkedIn “has had the largest impact on how I attract, search, secure, and even retain top talent. It plays a critical role in all aspects of managing talent. From providing potential candidates insight into your firm and your personal leadership brand to easily searching your expanded network for any talent needs for your organization.”


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