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FreshBooks Introduces Touch ID Fingerprint Reader for iPad and iPhone App

FreshBooks says it is also working with Apple to deliver a made-for-business app to allow small business owners to run their business from anywhere.

FreshBooks, which makes mobile applications for small business accounting and management, has announced new enhancements to its FreshBooks iOS app that helps small business owners save time and get paid faster on the iPhone and iPad.

FreshBooks says it is also working with Apple to deliver a made-for-business app to allow small business owners to run their business from anywhere.

Small business owners are leveraging mobile technology to operate their businesses and invoice their clients. The ability to operate their entire business while on the road and using a mobile device that can fit into their pocket, has a significant impact on their bottom line. It brings the flexibility and convenience that comes with being able to work from and check in on their business anywhere, anytime. It also empowers users to be more productive with their time so they can get back to focusing on doing the work they love.

FreshBooks users are increasingly using mobile to send invoices, track payments, make notes, and log expenses. Users’ clients are also becoming more engaged on mobile: they check their phones up to 150 times a day, providing 150 opportunities for FreshBooks users to get paid. For example, FreshBooks offers mobile-friendly invoices designed specifically for viewing on a mobile screen, making it easy for clients to pay the invoices right from their phone. Mobile adoption is opening up possibilities for small business owners to streamline their workflow so they can focus on growing their business.

“Service-based small business owners – people who get paid for their time and expertise – are the future of the economy, and their unique accounting needs are incredibly underserved,” said Mike McDerment, co-founder and CEO, FreshBooks. “Much of their time is devoted to tracking their hours, generating accurate invoices, and trying to stay on top of their cash flow. By teaming up with Apple and its market-leading mobile platform, FreshBooks is delivering on our commitment to make running a business easy and efficient.”

Enhancing security with Touch ID and Passcode
FreshBooks recently worked with Apple to release Touch ID and Passcode, the first of many new features to come for FreshBooks customers who use iOS devices. Currently available for download from the App Store, they ensure a simple, secure way for users to log into their FreshBooks accounts on their iPhone or iPad.

Touch ID is available on iPhone 5S and newer, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. It enables the use of a fingerprint as a passcode to log into the FreshBooks mobile app, effectively enhancing user experience by improving the speed and ease of use, while providing advanced security of confidential business information.

The new Passcode feature offers a second layer of security whenever users open the FreshBooks app on any iOS devices, providing peace of mind that sensitive information within the app remain secure.

FreshBooks delivers a comprehensive small business mobile solution that includes the following elements:

  • Intelligent mobile solution: A made-for-business app will simplify user workflow to create a seamless invoicing experience. This will include easy-to-use features designed for generating accurate invoices, tracking hours and mileage, managing expenses, and enabling mobile payments.
  • Award-winning customer support: FreshBooks is backed by award-winning customer support, providing users with access to live help, quick response times, and the peace of mind associated with FreshBooks’ commitment to executing extraordinary experiences every day.