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Putting POS at Your Fingertips

Intuit announces its new iPad-based online POS system, QuickBooks Point of Sale powered by Revel.

QuickBooks Point of Sale

Managing point-of-sale data is about to become even more seamless for retailers. Early this year, Intuit will release its new QuickBooks Point of Sale powered by Revel, an online POS system that’s completely iPad-based. Leveraging the Cloud, QuickBooks POS will automatically sync inventory and payroll data right to QuickBooks Online giving businesses a comprehensive view of their cash flow.

Intuit partnered with Revel Systems to provide an easy-to-use solution that will work seamlessly with the QuickBooks ecosystem it’s been building. Revel Systems offers a POS solution for businesses in the retail, restaurant, and grocery industries.

“In our search, we went through a long list of solutions. What appealed to us about Revel is that they offer an intuitive solution that can be used across multiple industries. The iPad POS system is securely connected to the cloud and automatically syncs with QuickBooks Online enabling our customers to manage their business from anywhere,” said Jacint Tumacder, Senior Product Manager, QuickBooks Solutions.

While there are lots of solutions that offer POS systems for retailers, Revel is unique in that it offers integrated payroll, inventory tracking and customer relationship management support for retailers as well as other industries. With anytime, anywhere access, users can scale it to meet their needs as well as make “back end” changes like updating prices inventory items from a web browser.

The simple design of QuickBooks Point of Sale makes it easy to train employees, both new and old. It also offers several capabilities and functions that allow businesses to manage their POS systems right from their iOS devices. Features of the new solution include an intuitive iPad interface, anytime, anywhere access, “Always On” mode, photo ID mode, advanced inventory and reporting and seamless integration with QBO, Intuit Payments and PayPal Payments. With photo ID mode, business owners and managers now have the ability verify employee check-in. When photo ID mode is enabled, employees will be required to take a photo at the time they clock in or out.

QuickBooks POS users will also enjoy the benefit of automation. Payments are automatically processed through the payment solution and daily sale data is automatically pushed to QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks POS uses Revel’s technology to power its “Always On” mode, allowing users to accept and process payments at all times, even when their Internet connection is interrupted. Any payments accepted while systems are offline will automatically be processed when the connection is restored. Users can protect their bottom line by setting a limit for offline payment acceptance.

“When our customers use the ‘Always On’ mode, they are essentially saying, ‘I want to meet the needs of my customers by accepting this payment offline and trust that it will process when we’re back online.’ We are giving them the power to protect their business while also giving them the ability to continue to do business when systems are down,” said Tumacder.

QuickBooks Point of Sale powered by Revel is scheduled to launch sometime in early 2015. More information is available on the QuickBooks website at


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