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Firm Management

Gale Crosley, CPA – 2014 Most Powerful Women in Accounting


Gale Crosley, CPA

Founder and President
Crosley + Company
Atlanta, GA

Education: BS, Accounting, University of Akron
Professional Associations: AICPA, Georgia Society of CPAs, Ohio Society of CPAs

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  1. What advice would you give to female college students about the opportunities for women in the accounting profession?

    The opportunities are significant. However, from day one, take charge and seek out resources to develop non-technical skills – communications, image, leadership – in order to realize your full potential.

  2. What advice would you give accounting firms on things they could do to better retain and advance more qualified female staff?

    Create better conditions for success. Leadership training which is geared to women and designed to overcome the cultural messages which limit their success. Flexible work frameworks, so they can have a family life. Proactive focus on mentoring, so they can receive the attention they’ll need in a male-led profession.

  3. Do you think that there is still a glass ceiling in accounting firm senior management and partner levels, or that the profession has moved to a mostly gender neutral state?

    The glass ceiling is still there, but is more a result of our history than partner gender bias. Golf was a game created by men, for men. And you can see it in things like the quantity, functionality and attractiveness of bathrooms on the course! CPA firms were originally created by men for men. We still have lots of elements of the historical framework and design in the current day firm.

  4. How have you managed to balance your professional and personal life obligations, whether that includes family, etc?

    Through sheer fortitude and commitment. Back in the day, there were very few support resources. My husband and I had to create as we went along. The one concept that was the most important was outsourcing. Once we discovered the leveragability of outsourcing, we outsourced everything we could – washing, ironing, housework, cooking, errands, decorating for holidays. We had a nanny, but should have relied on her more than we did. For example, we should have taken her on vacation with us. It would have been far less stressful!

  5. How mobile are you regarding your work? How have mobile devices and apps impacted your productivity and work-life balance?

    I travel 5 days a week, often in 5 different cities. Mobile devices and apps have made a huge difference in productivity. Texting has become a way of life in our organization, enabling us to give the best client service and operational efficiency.

  6. What single piece of technology could you absolutely not live without, and why?

    My iPhone – keeps me connected in many ways, wherever in the world you might find me.

  7. What is your favorite professional mobile app, and why?

    FlightTrack – because I live in the airline ecosystem, I need to be able to change plans quickly or know when the airlines have changed them for me!