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2014 Review of Advanced Micro Solutions – 1099-Etc.


1099-Etc is a payroll software solution designed to prepare a variety of period-end, year-end and related state payroll forms. With available add-on modules, 1099-Etc supports after-the-fact and live payroll, electronic filing and other payroll related functions.

Basic System Functions – 4.75 Stars

1099-Etc is a modular system that can be installed locally on machines, through a network infrastructure or at multiple locations with one simple software license purchase. Due to 1099-Etc being modular, the base program provides the bulk of W-2 and 1099 processing. Other modules tie into this base program to further enhance the payroll and reporting capabilities.

Currently, 1099-Etc supports up to 9,999 payers and 99,999 employees for each payer. This allowance should be more than adequate for any small business, but should also accommodate accounting professionals processing year-end tax reporting for larger organizations.

All data entry screens throughout 1099-Etc mirror the actual printed form for easier data input. This also allows for a “heads down” data entry if the need arises. Taxpayer Identification Numbers and Social Security Numbers can be verified in bulk through 1099-Etc by working in conjunction with the IRS and Social Security Administration verification services.

Reporting – 4.75 Stars

Most year-end processing forms are natively supported, but the system is designed to print on preprinted forms. To process forms on plain paper, a separate module is required. A separate module is offered that allows direct access to over 300 federal and state forms. In conjunction with the print module, these additional forms may be printed to preprinted forms or plain paper. Additionally, each form may also be converted to a PDF file.

A variety of reports are provided with the system, including client letters, mailing labels and a variety of worksheet reports. All documents can be previewed on screen prior to print or PDF conversion. Though separate modules are required for full functionality, all noted add-on reporting modules can be put in service for less than $150.

Integration/Import/Export – 4.5 Stars

1099-Etc includes an import wizard, dubbed Import Assistant, which is designed to import data from a variety of sources. Typical file imports from Microsoft Excel, tab delimited and CSV files are fully supported. Additionally a variety of print files (PRN) are supported from QuickBooks and other form processing software.

QuickBooks and Sage 50 (Peachtree) direct imports are supported, though an additional module is required. Through this add-on, QuickBooks and Sage 50 can be used to track hours and that data can be directly imported to 1099-Etc. Full payroll functions would then be available to process either live or after-the-fact payroll.

Help/Support – 4.75 Stars

A full range of help and support options are provided with 1099-Etc and all options are included in the product pricing. Inside the program, a full program tutorial is provided and covers the majority of the program features in each module. Also included in the program Help menu is a manual in PDF format that provides additional instructions and program details. Phone, fax, email and chat technical support is also included in product licensing.

Software updates are maintained by the company and periodically posted to the website. Users simply download and apply the updates as they become available. Notification of any program updates and enhancements is provided to users via email correspondence.

Best Firm Fit

Organizations looking to process period end and year-end tax forms for multiple businesses


  • Strong help and support options
  • Modular system so only the items needed by users may be purchased
  • Supports a variety of common file imports

Potential Limitations

  • Separate modules necessary for plain paper and PDF generation

Summary & System Pricing

1099-Etc is a modular forms filing system designed specifically around payroll related matters. The base system is required for all other modules and includes all required functions to process all 1099, W-2, and related forms. Additional modules are available that provide advanced printing features, live and after-the-fact payroll processing as well as electronic filing. All modules are priced separately, with the base system priced at $79. A full payroll system may be achieved by purchasing all modules, which currently totals less than $450.

2014 Overall Rating: 4.75 Stars