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TaxSlayer Pro Premium



2011 Overall Rating 4


Best Firm Fit:

Tax offices primarily focused on retail 1040 processing and bank products, with some need for simple business entity returns


–          Support for all entities at federal & state level

–          Integrated bank products

–          Unlimited e-filing

–          Online return backup functions as limited portal

–          Smartphone & remote access to firm reporting

–          Built-in invoicing system

Potential Limitations:

–          Lacks document automation/scan & populate tools and no integration with financial institutions

–          No form-based input (although a static form view is offered)

–          Limited tools for in-firm collaboration and review of complex returns

Executive Summary & Pricing:

TaxSlayer Pro is a very easy-to-use system with little or no training necessary for even users with little tax experience. The Premium version of the system, with its client self-service feature, automated text messaging, remote reporting access and light client portal website provide good basics for small 1040/RAL-focused tax firms and seasonal practices looking for an inexpensive all-in-one system. The Classic version of the program costs $995, and the Premium is priced at $1,295, both allowing any number of users within the same networked office and using a single EFIN. Renewal rates are $825 and $995, respectively.


Product Delivery Methods:

__x__ On-Premises

_____ SaaS

_____ Hosted by Vendor


4.25 – Core Product Functions/Features

product depth/multi-state


support for special situations

electronic filing

3.5 – Paperless Workflow

paperless creation

paperless open items

access control for limiting access into returns

digital document storage/mgmt.

data import/export

3.5 – Integration

w/in Publisher’s own suite

w/tax research tools & guidance

w/other or external programs

w/external services

4.5 – Help/Support

online resource center

tech assistance availability

Downloadable program updates

Preferred SaaS route

See inside April/May 2011

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