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NetSuite — OnSite POS



Users of NetSuite in the market for an integrated POS product may want to take a look at OnSite POS. Designed specifically for NetSuite, OnSite POS provides small to mid-sized retailers a point-of-sale product that completely integrates with all NetSuite modules, eliminating the need for data exporting or time-consuming data entry. Multi-location retailers may consider NetSuite’s Multi-Channel Retail Management Suite, which contains OnSite POS.

OnSite POS is a complete POS solution and offers an extensive list of features such as the ability to accept multiple tender types including foreign currency, as well as both kit and package pricing. OnSite POS can easily process standard transactions such as traditional sales, customer credits and returns, and allows cashiers to apply product discounts during checkout. Cashiers can also accept split tenders on a sales transaction, and savvy sales people can easily upsell merchandise when processing sales transactions. OnSite POS is highly customizable, allowing users to design a customized interface. Both function- and task-level security is available, and managers can implement the control levels desired. Employees can process non-merchandise transactions, as well. So if a furniture store charges for delivery, the delivery charge can be processed directly from the POS user interface. OnSite POS also offers advanced reporting and cash drawer management functions, making it much easier to balance cash drawers at the end of a shift.

The Retail Management Suite offers a higher level of functionality and is designed for enterprise-level businesses that require more flexibility, such as the inclusion of a central store terminal that stores all POS data including transactions and inventory levels so employees can easily see inventory levels and available products at each location.

OnSite POS is designed to be used in just about any retail environment, which includes brick-and-mortar stores as well as those selling online, or any combination of the two. Remote functionality means that sales can be processed from any location, making it a great option for sidewalk sales, tradeshows, and festivals and fairs.

Hot keys can be assigned to best-selling items, making sales quick and easy. Customer data is easily stored, with customers assigned to each sale. Or users can choose to utilize the anonymous customer option, which processes transactions quickly without the need to identify or enter customer information.

OnSite POS also integrates with all the necessary hardware peripherals, including POS terminals, receipt printers, barcode scanners and electronic signature capture devices.

OnSite POS for NetSuite is a must for retailers currently using NetSuite products. Designed for retailers of all sizes, OnSite POS provides the flexibility to responsibly manage employees while also allowing them to do their job properly. Special reports, dashboards and an active audit trail make OnSite POS a terrific solution to retailers using NetSuite software.

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