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Small Business

Intuit — QuickBooks Premier 2011


2011 Overall Rating 4.5



Best Fit:

Targeted at accountants who support non-accountant business owners who maintain their own books.


  • Ease of use & large install base, which means more end users will have experience with the application
  • Strong accountant program with good training & referrals to certified ProAdvisors
  • Company Snapshot improvements enable instant dashboard reporting
  • Excellent industry-specific add-ons
  • Client Data Review & Accountants Copy simplify cleaning up client books
  • Canadian & UK versions available with multiple currencies supported

Potential Limitations:

  • Inventory supports only Average Cost valuation
  • Intuit Statement Writer is an extra charge, even to ProAdvisors
  • Date-driven system means non-standard fiscal reporting & budgeting periods (e.g. 4-4-5) are not supported
  • Power user options like import of transactions are difficult
  • Perceived ease of use means many end users implement without consulting their accountant, often causing reporting problems later
  • Accountant Edition supported on Windows only

Executive Summary & Pricing:

QuickBooks Premier is currently priced at $399.95 for a single-user system. A three-user system is $999.95. Intuit continues to improve this very popular product each year, making QuickBooks the natural go-to solutions for small businesses world-wide. Quick installation, easy navigation, and strong reporting functionality make this a solid product for the small business owner. The availability of industry-specific versions helps make QuickBooks even more desirable.


4.5 – Basic System Functions

4.75- Core Accounting Capabilities

4.5 – Day-to-Day Operations

4.5 – Management Features

4.5 – Integration & Import/Export

4.75 – Help/Support

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