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Imaging Science & Services, Inc. – ISSI Tax Compliance Solutions

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Just as sales tax compliance issues grow with the evolution of a business, so does the issue of managing non-taxed sales that necessitate exemption certificates. Depending on a business’ industry and nature, managing these certificates can be a significant challenge, and one that can lead to compliance issues with not only state tax authorities, but also with other regulators.

ISSI offers technology specifically for electronic certificate management and is SAS70 Type-II certified and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant, giving stronger internal control over issues of tax exemption to in-house finance departments. The company’s primary solutions for exemption management include TEAMS, the Tax Exemption Administrative Management System, and LineLink.

The TEAMS program is a web-based application that helps finance departments automate how they acquire, organize and manage exemption and resale certificates. The system offers streamlined warehousing and search capabilities and helps identify expired or soon-to-expire certificates, which can help users be more proactive in assessing exemption eligibility.

ISSI’s LineLink system is an add-in for Microsoft Excel or Access that expands the capabilities of spreadsheets and databases, with greater document organization functions, while helping to simplify the processes involved in handling large numbers of documents. The system is geared toward helping businesses prepare for sales and use tax audit defenses, reverse audits, due diligence reviews and voluntary disclosure agreements. n

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