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CCH Small Firm Services — ATX



4.5 – 2011 Overall Rating

Best Firm Fit:

Small and mid-sized full-service accounting firms with generally less complex clients, yet with broader entity needs, including payroll and wage compliance.


–          Support for all entities at federal & state level

–          W-2/1099 & wage reporting

–          Form & interview-style input

–          Excellent training options

–          Scan & populate feature for W-2s & 1099s

–          Options for research, trial balance, payroll, fixed assets & document management

–          Integrated AR management system & support for client fee payments by credit card

Potential Limitations:

–          No client portals

–          Limited tools for in-firm review & collaboration on complex returns

Executive Summary & Pricing:

ATX is an easy-to-use, yet comprehensive compliance package best suited to small and mid-sized full-service professional practices with a need for accounting and payroll compliance applications for servicing their small business clients. It offers impressive research integration and excellent Help and training options, and although it lacks client portals and direct financial institution downloads, the system offers small-firm friendly document management and basic automation features. Pricing for ATX packages with unlimited e-filing starts at $1,154 for a three-user program that includes all federal and all state entities. The Total Tax Office system, which also includes document management and expanded research options, is $1,699. Per-return pricing is also available, with a $150 annual fee for software licensing and prepayment of 15 individual returns at $20 each (with e-filing and one state included). The per-return system also allows use of other entity modules, as well as preparation of sales and use forms, W-2s, 1099s, 940s and 941s.


Product Delivery Methods:

__x__ On-Premises

_____ SaaS

_____ Hosted by Vendor


5 – Core Product Functions/Features

product depth/multi-state


support for special situations

electronic filing

4 – Paperless Workflow

paperless creation

paperless open items

access control for limiting access into returns

digital document storage/mgmt.

data import/export

4.5 – Integration

w/in Publisher’s own suite

w/tax research tools & guidance

w/other or external programs

w/external services

4.75 Help/Support

online resource center

tech assistance availability

Downloadable program updates

Preferred SaaS route

See inside April/May 2011

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