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Document Management




2011 Overall Rating 4.5

Best Firm Fit:

Small to mid-sized firms that want a comprehensive solution, with a fairly predictable cost model.


  • Intuitive interface
  • SaaS option
  • Integrated portal solution
  • Workflow functionality
  • iQueue integration tool that lets you develop integration with virtually any application

Potential Limitations

  • No integrated scanning solution, relies on third-party application
  • Not part of a vendor suite of applications with pre-built integration

Executive Summary & Pricing

I have reviewed Acct1st for a number of years and feel even more confident in this solution than previously. I am a big fan of SaaS applications as an alternative, so I like that Acct1st lets you choose. I think they are doing a good job at building out the workflow and portal functionality to make it a viable enterprise solution. The company continues with the pricing model of $1 per day, per user for either delivery option. This is an annual fee. The portal is offered for a fixed fee of $1,000 per year with unlimited users and storage capacity. Acct1st provides a bundled implementation service, which includes installation and configuration, along with web-based training, for a flat fee of $1,500.

Product delivery methods:

_X_ On-Premises

_X_ SaaS

___ Hosted by Vendor


Core Product Functions/Features – 4.25

Document Workflow – 4.5

Document Control – 4.5

Special Features – 4.25