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2011 Review of Cougar Mountain Software — Denali


2011 Overall Rating 4.75



4.5 – Basic System Functions

5- Core Accounting Capabilities

4.5 – Day-to-Day Operations

4.5 – Management Features

5 – Integration & Import/Export

4.75 – Help/Support


Best Fit:

Recently rewritten modular application provides mid-range flexibility and sophistication at a reasonable price. Well-suited for small to mid-sized businesses.


–          Reporting includes 120 basic reports, as well as support for Crystal Reports/ODBC & Financial/Sales Dashboards

–          Support for complex account & department structures (up to a total of 50 characters)

–          CMS SinglePoint Server allows remote access; database can easily scale to support up to 100 users

–          Strong inventory support includes options for FIFO, LIFO, Weighted Average & Standard Cost valuation

–          Multiple currencies supported

Potential Limitations:

–          Denali Payroll & Fund Accounting modules will not launch until later this year

–          Limited market penetration means many first-time users will require additional training

Executive Summary & Pricing:

Denali is an excellent accounting product for small to mid-sized businesses. It’s extremely flexible and can easily grow along with the business. With solid accounting functionality as well as specialty products available for retailers, and a Fund accounting module to be released at the end of April, Denali definitely moves Cougar Mountain Software into the big leagues. Standard modules are $599 each with a $295 user license required, as well.


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