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Rubex by eFileCabinet

As an accountant, your office is likely overflowing with filing cabinets to keep your clients’ tax information safe. Knowing the best method for tracking all these documents is probably a challenge that you’ve faced throughout your career. Luckily, Rube


As a professional in the accounting industry, time is your most valuable—and limited—resource. But in this information-centered world where financial and business documents are plentiful and stress often skyrockets, your time may not be spent as efficiently as it could. Rubex by eFileCabinet can automate redundant document processes so you can receive more money for your accounting expertise, also resulting in easier management of bookkeeping, financial statements, accrual method plans, audits, balance sheets, and P&L statements.

Rubex is the all-in-one CPA software for all your document needs.Perhaps more than any other industry, successful accounting is dependent upon a constant and consistent dedication to increasing efficiency. Time saved is money earned. You may never have the luxury of a stress-free career with normal working hours, but Rubex can significantly ease your load in a way other CPA software solutions simply can’t do.What will your annual financial report say at the end of the fiscal year? You can rest assured using eFileCabinet’s accounting document management software will work to your benefit.