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Financial Reporting

2013 Review of Tenenz – Laser Link – W2/1099


TFP and Laser Link, reviewed below, are both traditional W-2/1099 filing solutions offered by Tenenz. Both products have the same features, such as free e-filing, various security options and the ability to manage multiple clients. The major difference between the two is the printing options. TFP is used to print on pre-printed W-2 and 1099 forms, and Laser Link allows users to print on pre-printed forms or plain paper. Tenenz also offers a completely web-based solution,, for firms with a low volume of returns.

Basic System Functions – 4.5 Stars

Laser Link is an on-premise solution that can be installed on individual workstations. Users can also choose to host the solution on a network to support unlimited concurrent users. The solution has several features for managing client data such as various sorting options, automatic data replication and automatic calculation of FICA wages and withholdings. In addition, Laser Link will identify data entry errors before the forms are printed and filed.

Reporting – 4.5 Stars

Laser Link offers unlimited free e-filing for federal and state forms. Forms supported by the software include W-2, W-2G, 1099-B, 1099-Div, 1099-Int, 1099-Misc, 1099-Patr, 1099-R, 1099-S, 1098, 1098-T and 5498., the web-based component, also supports these forms, as well as 1042-S, 1099-A, LTC, OID and SA. The software also supports batch printing.

After filing forms, users can generate and export detail and summary reports, blank W-9s, recipient lists and form totals reports. These reports can be exported to Word and PDF documents. Security features include SSN masking, password protection, database encryption and digital signatures. There is no capability to integrate with outside software, import various file formats. In addition, Laser Link does not have a built-in billing feature.

Import/Export/Integration – 4 Stars

Laser Link is limited in its import, export and integration capabilities. The solution does not support various data import formats. It also doesn’t integrate directly with outside payroll, accounting and timekeeping applications. Users can import ASCII delimited files, as well as import files from a MS Excel pre-built template and export to email and Word and PDF formats. Laser Links also supports the rollover of the previous year’s data.

Help/Support – 4.25 Stars

Laser Link offers user guides both in the program and on their customer support website. The program has several user guides and tips built into the program to guide users through the initial setup and data entry for clients and payers and setting up defaults, as well as preparing, printing and filing forms and importing data. Several video tutorials are also available as well as live support. The program automatically checks for system updates at startup.

Summary & Pricing

Pricing for the Laser Link costs $59.99 and TFP, which prints only to pre-printed forms, costs $39.99. Pricing for the web-based electronic filing solution,, is priced from $1.25 to $3.95 per form that is e-filed to the government and mailed to recipients.

Best Fit: Practices managing year-end compliance and reporting for multiple small business clients

What’s New:

  • Enhanced software platform
  • New forms
  • Updated printing capabilities
  • Data restoration function


  • Easy interface and data entry
  • Unlimited free e-filing

Potential Limitations:

  • Functional, but somewhat limited import, export and integration capabilities
  • No built-in invoicing feature
  • Not compatible with Windows 8

2013 Overall Rating: 4.25 Stars