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2013 Review of


Overview by Upland (formerly known as Tenrox Timesheet by Power Steering Software) is a web-based time, expense, and project management application which is available in a “limited” version used for tracking time and attendance or a more sophisticated version designed to track time and attendance as well as track and bill projects. This solution can be hosted by the software publisher or run on a company’s internal computer servers, and is accessible on any computer with a web browser.

Product Functionality is a solution designed for professional service firms of all types, and is deployed at firms with as many as 4,600 timekeepers. The company estimates that 9% of the product’s users are in the finance or accounting.

While the application is designed to be accessed through any web browser, the company also provides mobile applications for Apple iOS, Google Android, and BlackBerry devices. The application includes a single timer for tracking timekeeper activities. Data can be imported into the system using a preformatted Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The product also provides an interface for use as a time clock as well as an in-out board for tracking users who are out of the office.

Timesheet provides options for entering time by almost any type of categorization, including by client, project, phase, task, and worktype. The workflow process for the entire system, including approving and posting time can be customized to meet the needs of the organization (e.g. requiring time approval by supervisor). These approvals are tracked in an audit trail, with the approval linked to the user’s system login. Timesheet allows users to track many HR-related fields such as accrual and tracking of available paid time off, and supports compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

The application calculates revenue with a cost and billing engine which uses billing rules, rate schedules, and project details to calculate the revenue earned at a point in time. Hourly rate schedules and calculations can be either in the organization’s functional currency or in the units of a foreign currency. Expense payment is not supported from within the application, but the company has certified connectors to a wide range of mid-range accounting, CRM, and payroll solutions.

Budgeting can be performed at a very detailed level, and custom notifications are available to let managers know when certain thresholds are exceeded. Amounts are posted to a supported general ledger package automatically, including work in process, accounts receivable, revenue, cost of sales, and payroll expense. Expense limits (e.g. per diems and other maximums) can be programmed into the system and used to identify unusual transactions.

Timesheet allows users to create invoices within the application, and then uploads the transaction to a supported ERP software for managing the collections process. Invoices can be printed or e-mailed, and an integrated customer portal/extranet is available for purchase separately. Since the application is not used in the collections process, payments are not posted to Timesheet, and therefore any payment services would be integrated with the accounting/ERP application rather than this software.

There are a wide range of available reports to meet almost any available need. Custom reports can be created off of this application, and it also has a web-based application program interface (API ) for creating custom integrations with other tools used by an organization. The system has a granular, role-based security system, and supports access limits by multiple dimensions, including site, department, and role. Reports can be exported to a wide range of available formats, including Excel, XML, text format, and PDF. Data can be integrated with a wide range of systems, including:

  • CRM:, Microsoft CRM
  • Accounting: Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL, Sage 300 ERP, QuickBooks
  • Payroll: ADP, Paychex, Ceridian
  • HR/ERP: SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle
  • Project Management: Microsoft Project

There is a searchable help site, an online knowledgebase, and recorded “how to” tutorials for user training. Support is provided by telephone, user forum, and live technician support. Support is based in North America (Montreal, Canada), and can be purchased on a “per incident” basis or as an annual subscription during normal business hours.

New Tenrox Time & Expense ( mobile applications for smartphones & tablets are now available on the iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry platforms

Tenrox Mobile features:

  • Submit and track your time and expense reports with full mobile access directly from your Android device.
  • Track and manage your timesheets using a variety of user friendly calendar options
  • Instantaneous synchronization with your Tenrox account to utilize up-to-date customer, project, and task data

Tenrox Mobile for Android is supported for versions 2013 R2 and later. Tenrox Mobile for Android is free and only requires a client's Tenrox credentials to sync with their account. To run the Android application, a Tenrox user license is required.

Summary and Pricing is a solution which fits best for medium and large professional service firms. The application seems to have tools which are associated with engineering, construction, and architecture firms, although the more simple requirements of accounting firms are easily met within the application. The software also integrates with a wide range of tools for mid-sized businesses, and will require consulting for proper configuration and training for end users.

The solution is $10/user/month/module and the annual subscription fee depends on the modules selected as well as the total numbers of users to qualify for a volume discount. The application can be housed on Upland’s server, or can be hosted on a firm’s internal servers if desired.

Best Firm Fit: Any organization who needs a scalable, cloud-based time reporting tool could benefit from the Time and Attendance version of Medium and large firms can benefit from the Project and Billing edition of the software.


  • As a web application, can be hosted by the publisher or run on a company’s own server.
  • Users can submit paid time off requests for approval through the application.
  • Interfaces are available for several accounting, payroll, and CRM applications.
  • Good project management tools

Potential Limitations

  • is designed for firms with tens, hundreds, or thousands of users in a range of industries, and is probably not the best fit for firms with fewer than 10 timekeepers.
  • The powerful project management and reporting tools in this application may require training for users to properly configure and implement in their firms.

Category Ratings:

Basic System Functions: 5 Stars
Time Mgmt Capabilities: 5 Stars
Invoicing Functions: 4 Stars
Management Features: 5 Stars
Integration/Import: 5 Stars
Help/Support:5 Stars

2013 Overall Rating: 4.75 Stars