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Cloud Payroll System Releases Integration API, Dreams of Connectedness

Connected back office applications simplify running a business

SAN FRANCISCO — In a move to help payroll, HR, time tracking, accounting and other programs that small businesses use more compatible, ZenPayroll, Inc. has announced the first API for modern payroll, which allows third party software providers to integrate ZenPayroll into their offerings. This will enable applications for everything from employee scheduling to expenses to HR will be able to send data to payroll in an automatic and seamless manner.

The ability to integrate these systems with ZenPayroll will free business owners from having to synchronize systems by hand, eliminating redundant data entry and costly errors.

In the longer term, the ZenPayroll API unlocks workforce management capabilities that had previously been impractical, if not impossible. As modern applications integrate more fully with ZenPayroll, business owners will gain entirely new avenues to manage and pay their employees. For example, a point-of-sale system could dynamically offer incentives to salespeople, and automatically reward them through connected payroll when they sell certain items.

“Building the ZenPayroll architecture as an API was one of our core ideas from the very beginning. Opening the flow of information between back office tools will transform the way work is managed,” said Joshua Reeves, CEO, ZenPayroll. “Not only does this empower business owners to choose back office solutions that are tailored to their needs, it also creates new opportunities for them to motivate and reward employees.”

ZenPayroll’s API has attracted interest from a wide range of small business software developers, including Xero, Expensify, BambooHR, Deputy, NimbleSchedule and WhenIWork.

“When companies can reimburse their employees effortlessly through payroll, they close the loop in expense management, and everyone wins,” said David Barrett, CEO and founder of Expensify.

“Complementing our HR software with ZenPayroll answers such a common customer request, and we're thrilled that ZenPayroll's promise to delight aligns with the BambooHR experience,” said Ben Petersen, CEO and co-founder of BambooHR.

“We’ve done over 20 different payroll integrations globally, and none match the power of our ZenPayroll integration – the way they’ve hidden complexity behind a simple interface makes it easy for developers and seamless for customers,” said Ashik Ahmed, CTO and co-founder of Deputy. “Both Deputy and ZenPayroll free businesses from the mundane yet crucial tasks of workforce management so they can do what they do best!”

Businesses are already reaping the benefits of these integrations:

“We used to have our employees sign in and out on paper sheets and I had to enter all the hours by hand every two weeks,” said Vick Tran, founding partner of zeroUV, an eyewear boutique. “After we started using a time tracking solution that syncs with ZenPayroll, we were surprised to see gaps in our employment schedule, and quickly figured out how to better staff those shifts. The connection between the products saves time for me, and it even helps people get to work on time because they're so eager to clock in and out and view their timesheets!”

“We run our insurance business virtually and efficiently, applying many lessons picked up from various industries,” said Gabriel Torres, co-owner of Custom Built Insurance. “It’s a pain to use lots of disconnected systems to run your business and we're excited about all the possibilities that ZenPayroll’s API opens up. For example, we can easily see us integrating our CRM with payroll. If you’re not constantly figuring out new ways to be efficient, you’ll be swallowed up by competitors.”

“When our bookkeeper quit I was overwhelmed by all the new responsibilities on my plate. Using ZenPayroll made my life easier because I can just click a few buttons and boom, payroll is done,” said Kate Gillenwater, corporate manager at Optometric Care Associates. “Now that we’re using a timeclock with a mobile app, people are remembering to clock in and out every time. And because the timeclock works hand-in-hand with ZenPayroll, I don’t need to spend time manually typing everyone’s hours.”

“My clients are busy running their companies so they don’t have time to research tools or set them up. As a trusted advisor to small businesses, I’m always on the lookout for new products so I can be an expert in the best technology available,” said Nick Bird, CPA and owner of Lucid Books. “I love ZenPayroll because it makes it easier for my clients to run payroll and it’s designed to work well with the other modern applications that I recommend.”