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AccountantsWorld Releases Payroll Relief 2.0 Cloud-Payroll Solution

Over the past few years, there has been a boom in the number of accountants who are offering payroll processing directly to their clients, rather than outsourcing to external providers.

Over the past few years, there has been a boom in the number of accountants who are offering payroll processing directly to their clients, rather than outsourcing to external providers. As one of the first providers of online payroll and firm management systems designed specifically for professional accountants, AccountantsWorld has announced the release of Payroll Relief 2.0, a brand-new version of its cloud-based payroll solution designed exclusively for accountants.

The company says that Payroll Relief 2.0 is geared toward making it easier for accountants to deliver cost-effective payroll services to their clients.

“Ten years ago, AccountantsWorld created the first payroll processing solution designed exclusively for accountants, and with Payroll Relief 2.0, we’re proud to continue to provide industry-leading innovation in this vital category,” said Sharada Bhansali, AccountantWorld’s co-founder and Senior Vice President. “Our mission with Payroll Relief remains clear and consistent: to help accountants improve their firms’ profitability and retention by offering clients a direct alternative to large payroll service bureaus. For any accountant already offering payroll services themselves – or considering doing so – we are confident that this latest version of Payroll Relief represents the simplest, most efficient way forward.”

First, Payroll Relief 2.0 offers a streamlined new interface for both accountants and clients. Info buttons and help functions are provided on each screen to reduce errors and processing time. Payroll Relief 2.0 also offers full browser compatibility on all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and mobile platforms including iOS and Android.

But even more significantly, the newest Payroll Relief provides a feature set unmatched by any other direct processing solution. A full list of new features can be found on AccountantsWorld’s blog at  Here are the highlights:

Complete payroll practice management

The new Payroll Center provides a comprehensive tool for managing a busy payroll practice. Accountants can easily monitor each client’s payroll, including payrolls pending, tax due dates, auto e-filing, and much more. Accountants can also use a new Reminders feature to alert clients and staff about important dates and tasks.

More powerful, flexible payroll processing

Payroll Relief has taken major steps to enhance payroll entry, calculation, and check printing. To respond to the increasing demand for processing large payrolls, the Excel import function has been enhanced so that employers can adjust hours and amounts for an entire payroll in minutes, without any direct data entry.

Easier employer setup

Payroll Relief 2.0 offers unlimited, fully customizable pay types and allowances for greater flexibility. There are also no restrictions on the number of Custom, Allowance, or Reimbursement pay types; accountants can define as many of these types as they wish. Several pay types have also been added specifically for contractors.

Fully customizable reports

Accountants can build their own fully customizable report sets, consisting of any reports from any of Payroll Relief’s report menus. These sets can be saved for repeated use, for example, to run the reports needed for each compliance quarter.

A new E-Services Dashboard

The new E-Services Dashboard serves as the command center for all aspects of electronic services. Here the accountant can enable or disable different e-services including direct deposit, child support, prefunding, and so forth for each active employer, and instantly view all electronic service information for the active employer.

Dramatically expanded payroll processing and reports for contractors

Contractor setup has been enhanced to provide many options once available only for employees, including several customizable pay types specific to contractors, new reporting capabilities, and a number of deductions.