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2013 Review of Celerant Technology Corp. – Command Retail – Version 6.4

Best Fit: While small retailers are unlikely to use many of the features found in Celerant Command Retail, they are just as likely to benefit from its scalability and ease of use. Retailers with multiple locations that have a large web presence will also benefit from Command Retail.

Command Retail from Celerant Technology Corporation is fully integrated Point of Sale/Retail Management software, ideal for larger retailers with more technical needs. Command Retail offers a complete point of sale solution as well as a comprehensive inventory management module.


  • Robust system with strong inventory management
  • Easily integrates with customer e-commerce
  • Excellent customer management capability
  • Large variety of industry specific add-ons
  • Fully customizable

Potential Limitations

  • Setup and implementation could be time consuming
  • Cost and wide array of features could make it unsuitable for smaller retailers


Command Retail’s user interface is easily navigated, with a list of modules on the left side of the main screen. Clicking on a menu option will display a long list of functions found within each of the modules. At the top of the screen, users can choose the view they prefer, or utilize touch screen technology. The New POS interface screen in Command Retail is completely customizable, from the main menu buttons on the right side of the screen to the adjustable columns on the main POS screen.

Users can easily customize buttons for quick one-touch processing. Buttons offer a quick look at customers, transaction types, transaction functions, line items, returns, and activities. Cashiers can quickly scan items or enter look up products when entering a sale. The POS screen keeps a running total of all items entered or scanned, and when all items are entered, users will be taken to the payment screen, where up to 24 different types of payments can be accepted. Data entry screens are easily navigated, and customizable throughout, making it easy to suit the needs of just about any type of retailer.

Extremely flexible, Command Retail works on Windows and Mac operating systems. Command Retail offers an impressive number of system modules available with the POS module, including Sales Back office, Fulfillment, Inventory, Warehouse, Pricing, Transfers, Purchase Orders, Physical Inventory, A/P, GL, Open to Buy, AR, Contacts, Mail, Analysis, Datamining, Settings, Misc. Categories, CRM, Buy/Trade and Service and Shipping. All employees utilizing Command Retail are provided with a system password. All users are assigned a specific level of system access, so they are only able to access the areas specified.

All cashier activity is tracked in Command Retail, including all sales transactions, refunds, voids, and other system adjustments. Other activity such as employee discount overuse is also recorded, as is cash drawer activity such as register opens.

Command Retail offers detailed analysis dashboards that provide user-defined information for quick analysis. Command Retail is fully customizable throughout, with the needs of the user considered in each of the modules. Look up fields are also found throughout the product, and the comprehensive search capability allows users to search for products, customers, or items by simply entering a brief description. Command Retail is truly designed for retailers with multiple locations, and the design of the user interface makes it easy to perform multiple transactions without leaving the POS screen.

Command Retail’s Inventory module allows users to assign multiple pricing levels to all products, as well as assign special event pricing for annual sale, bulk purchases, clearance items, or other events. Command Retail offers complete multi-warehouse management, with users able to easily track all related activity including purchase orders, special orders and returns. Command Retail’s e-commerce easily combines online activity with brick and mortar activity, as well as both catalog and mail orders for a completely integrated front/back office management system that retailers will appreciate.


Command Retail offers touch screen technology, that can be easily customized to suit just about any retail business, including gift shops, apparel, sporting goods, and grocery stores. Command Retail also offers complete e-commerce support, allowing users to merge their POS system with their web sales. Command Retail users can assign up to 24 different tender types, with users able to add additional tender types at any time, and cashiers can easily accept more than one tender type during a sales transaction.

Customer data is easily managed in Command Retail, with retailers able to track purchasing history, buying habits, personal information, and payment history. User defined fields are also available to track additional information as needed. The customizable POS interface allows users to easily handle multiple transaction types throughout the sales process, including price changes, returns, and even gift receipts. The Transaction Type button offers quick accessibility to a variety of transaction types including layaway, special orders, returns, and quotes. A built-in CRM allows users to offer and manage store loyalty cards and memberships. The Datamining module allows users to locate and manage the data they need to create custom reporting opportunities.


Command Retail offers a solid selection of reports, all processed using Crystal Reports. Reports are categorized by module, with all reports displayed upon choosing a category. All reports are processed in real time, and the system offers an excellent selection of inventory reports including a detailed history of all inventory products, fast movers for each location, and user-defined options to track more inventory detail if desired. Additional POS reports are also available, including Top Styles Merchandise Sold, Top Styles Sold, and a Busy Hours report, which runs a report detailing the busiest times of the store during a specified time frame.

All reports are fully customizable, and with time, users can create custom reports as needed. Command Retail easily tracks customer demographics, providing retailers with as much detail as they desire. Analysis tools provide additional reporting options, including Store Sales Comparisons, Sales Goals, and This Time Last Year reporting, which allows managers to compare store performance today to performance a year ago. Excellent audit trail functionality allows managers to easily keep track of all system transactions, including the number of open drawer transactions that took place without a sale.


Command Retail contains complete GL functionality and also offers easy exporting of data into third party accounting products. The hosted version of Command Retail is an excellent solution for retailers with multiple locations, allowing complete integration with multiple locations, warehouses, e-commerce, and other retail functions. Command Retail easily integrates with third party applications, and offers a solid Shipping module that provides users quick integration with popular shipping options including FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

All Command Retail reports are easily exported to Excel, with a new interface offering a direct link to Excel for quicker report updates. Command Retail also easily integrates with all necessary POS hardware including receipt printers, bar code scanners, employee time clocks, and pole displays.


Command Retail users have access to system help functions throughout the product. All register product users also have quick access to a variety of tools on the Celerant website including training videos, product updates, and demos. All new customers are assigned to an implementation team that assists retailers with system setup and training. User support is available as needed for Command Retail users at any time.


Celerant’s Command Retail system starts at around $12,000, making it a significant financial investment that is ideally suited to larger retailers with multiple locations and complex inventory needs.

2013 Overall Rating: 5 Stars