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New money management platform helps small businesses and employees manage finances

New online and mobile platform offers a comprehensive wage payments management solution that gives employees the visibility, information and access they need to better manage their finances

ADP has announced the launch of myALINE, a new financial management platform designed to provide employees who receive their wages via ALINE Pay by ADP from employers who are ADP SmartCompliance clients with a new way to help manage their pay. ADP is a provider of human capital management services.

Accessible both online and via mobile devices, the new platform offers an exceptional level of financial visibility, helping employees to better understand how, when and where they’re spending their money. In addition, myALINE helps make it possible for employees to proactively manage their tax- and related-payroll information, and also helps to streamline payroll management and reduce costs for employers.

As a unique wage payments solution, myALINE holds the potential to provide significant benefits for both employees and employers. Specifically:

  • Employees. While many payroll management tools provide employees with visibility into individual components of their pay, the myALINE platform is a comprehensive tool that provides financial and payroll information in real time. By delivering detailed information about wage payments and use, including transaction-level data, category-specific spend analysis and historical payroll information, the platform helps employees better understand their financial habits to help make more informed spending decisions. The platform can also manage employee pay for multiple employers, further enhancing its potential to help improve money management across the board. A modern and visually-appealing design offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for employees to find and adjust their information. In addition, where made available by employers, broad accessibility via the ADP Mobile Solutions App on devices running iOS and Android operating systems means employees have constant on-the-go access to their wage information through their smartphone; beginning late this summer, employees will also have the ability to enroll in an ALINE Card through this app.
  • Employers. For employers, the new platform helps make the transition to 100 percent electronic pay simpler and easier, while also helping to boost employee satisfaction with their employer’s payroll program. The introduction of self-service options, such as the ability for employees to update their direct deposit accounts, enroll in an ALINE Card by ADP, adjust withholdings and access individual pay period and end-of-year statements can also help make it possible for employers to reduce wage-related inquiries from employees. By helping to empower employees to access additional information and conduct activity on their own, myALINE can help lift the administrative burden of payroll management, reduce costs and streamline program administration.

“ADP has a long history of providing both employers and employees with the tools they need to help support the transition to electronic pay and to help better manage wage payments as a whole,” said Gary Lott, Division Vice President, General Manager, Wage Payments, ADP Added Value Services. “By providing employees with their payroll-related information in a way that’s clear and easy to understand, the launch of the myALINE platform is a significant step forward for ADP’s mission to be on the forefront of employee engagement and financial management. These efforts are backed by ADP’s strong reputation and unmatched capability in the human capital management (HCM) space.”

The myALINE platform is available for employees of ADP SmartCompliance employers who receive their wages via ADP’s truly electronic pay solution, ALINE Pay by ADP. The ALINE Pay solution is a single solution that helps reduce the burden of managing multiple vendors and systems for wage payments. It offers a variety of e-pay options, including a payroll card (the ALINE Card by ADP, which was recently named Best Third-Party Payroll Card Program at the 2013 PayBefore Awards), direct deposit to a bank account (ADP Full Service Direct Deposit), a unique self-issued payroll check option that may also be used as traditional convenience check (ALINE Check by ADP) and access to online self-service and statements through myALINE.

ALINE Pay is the flagship product of the ADP SmartCompliance Wage Payments module. A cloud-based unified platform of outsourced services, ADP SmartCompliance helps medium and large businesses better manage some of today’s key employment-related tax and payment compliance needs. The platform helps companies save time and money by helping to bring together and streamline compliance management for employment tax, tax credits, wage payments, wage garnishments, employment verification, unemployment claims and W2 management, and, in many instances, by integrating with an organization’s existing enterprise resource planning (ERP), financial or human resources system of record.