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2013 Review of AccountantsWorld CyberCabinet

AccountantsWorld CyberCabinet

From the July 2013 Review of Document Storage systems.

Best Firm Fit: CyberCabinet fits best for tax, accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll firms who use the other components of the AccountantsWorld PowerPractice System for client accounting, payroll, and practice management. As a cloud-based solution, the application also fits very well for “virtual” or multi-location practices.


  • 100% cloud-based SaaS document storage application designed for bookkeeping, payroll, and other public accounting services.
  • CyberCabinet includes unlimited client portals at no additional charge, and integrates with the rest of the AccountantsWorld PowerPractice System.
  • Supports all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.
  • The free CyberDrop add-in on the user’s local computer automatically uploades documents from the PC to CyberCabinet, and an Outlook add-in (CyberSend) permits staff members to automatically file e-mails in a client folder.
  • Accountants can customize individual user access by folder (for clients) and by client (for staff).

Potential Limitations

  • The PowerPractice online suite does not offer an income tax preparation application, and CyberCabinet does not have any direct integrations with tax software applications.


CyberCabinet is the integrated document storage service in the AccountantsWorld PowerPractice System. The application is completely cloud-based, and the application is hosted from multiple secure data centers in the US. AccountantsWorld is a pioneer in the collaborative online bookkeeping space, and CyberCabinet is designed for use by accountants and their clients to store and share documents in real time from anywhere.

Documents are organized by client with subfolders as needed. Users can create their own document organization structure, or utilize an organization template provided with the application.

A template client folder structure can configured, with folders automatically created when a new client is set up. Data can be stored in almost any file format, and files can be as large as desired. All data is encrypted during upload and download using bank-grade encryption. Files stored on the AccountantsWorld U.S. based servers are encrypted at rest.

Tools for searching for file names within a client’s data area are included, but documents are not indexed for full-text search or cross-client search of information within the data files. There are no optical character recognition capabilities associated with the application. Documents which have been accidentally deleted can be retrieved and restored by an administrator anytime in the 90 days following deletion.

Although CyberCabinet stores data online, two locally installed utilities for Windows users, CyberDrop and CyberSend, simplify the integration between the local computer and the cloud.

CyberDrop is a tool which allows users to perform common tasks, including connecting ScanSnap and TWAIN compliant scanners, uploading files to the cloud, and synchronizing a local version of selected client folders for offline access. This tool can also be used by clients of a firm for a collaborative document repository (e.g. supporting documents for client transactions).

CyberSend is an add-in for Outlook which allows users to archive e-mails and attachments from Microsoft Outlook to CyberCabinet in a variety of formats.

A common cloud document management system used by clients and the firm enables accounting service to continue during the usual “hands off” period when financials are being prepared. These tools also make it possible for accountants and clients to work together throughout the month without leaving their respective offices.

One of the strongest features in the PowerPractice System is the integrated archival of data directly to CyberCabinet. Reports from all of the other PowerPractice applications can be automatically stored within CyberCabinet. The CyberCabinet client portal is automatically integrated with the company’s Website Relief offering. A searchable log is maintained which shows all activity within the application by user. The log can also be downloaded to Microsoft Excel for offline filtering and analysis.

Summary and Pricing

CyberCabinet is priced at $59/month, or $595/year for Base Storage up to 5Gb for an unlimited number of users. Additional storage is available in 1Gb increments for $19.95/year.


2013 Ratings:

Core Product Functions/Features: 4 Stars
Integration/Data Export/Import: 4 Stars
Advanced Functionality: 4.75 Stars

2013 Overall Rating: 4.25 Stars

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