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Algae bio-fuel firm engages Silberstein, Ungar, PLLC as external auditor

Sloud, Inc. has announced it has retained Silberstein, Ungar PLLC as the company's external auditor.

Sloud, Inc. has announced it has retained Silberstein, Ungar PLLC as the company’s external auditor. The company is in development stage, focusing on the research and delivery of biofuels created from algae. Sloud holds various patents pending that would provide the company with the proprietary ability to colonize existing infrastructures allowing for a seamless transition for distributors and consumers of biofuels.

“It is our intent to complete our audited financials through the end of the second quarter of this year and immediately file our registration statement and application to the OTCBB or if we qualify, the NASDAQ,” stated Tony Khodadad, President of Sloud.

“In today’s market environment, transparency is paramount, and with our involvement in several diversified market segments, it is best to demonstrate to the market and our shareholders our financial position as well as our business model to create a global corporation,” he added.

Silberstein, Ungar PLLC is a Michigan-based accountancy, and one of the fastest growing SEC audit firms and PCAOB member practices in the nation. The firm’s clients include small to medium-sized businesses in many different industries, including many development-stage start-ups with no revenue, “but high hopes.” Silberstein Ungar has audited companies with hundreds of millions of revenue per year.