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Avalara CertCapture recognized as a Finalist for 2013 Innovation Awards

Avalara CertCapture recognized as a Finalist for 2013 Innovation Awards

Avalara CertCapture

Avalara CertCapture was recognized as a Finalist for 2013 Innovation Awards during a ceremony on Monday evening. The awards are presented annually by CPA Practice Advisor.

The system offers advanced, online document management tools for collecting, managing and retaining sales tax exemption certificates; reporting and analysis of tax status; and audit exposure.

Built for any size business, Avalara CertCapture databases easily scale into the millions to meet the storage demands of even the largest corporations.

Avalara CertCapture is ideal for groups with resources in multiple locations. It can be configured for each business entity in a multi-level environment. Collaborate on projects with unlimited logins per client. Pre-defined permissions and roles plus over 300 customizable settings limit access. It integrates seamlessly onto a customer facing web portal or eCommerce site with the eBusiness Plug-in or utilize APIs to link to a POS system.

  • Avalara CertCapture works with ANY ERP or tax software to accurately report what is on-hand and missing. It adapts to customer-specific systems to integrate data across multiple platforms. This offers real savings when acquisitions create the need to work with multiple business systems.
  • Avalara CertCapture offers real-time updates of customer exempt status saving you time and resources when generating reports or invoicing customers.
  • Avalara CertCaptureâ??s reporting tools are unmatched. Customers can drill down through live data to build reports using over 50 criteria, and save time and automate reports by having them sent to email at scheduled times.

Create collection campaigns with a few clicks. Print, email, or fax to your clients directly from Avalara CertCapture. Send branded, client-specific cover letters and pre-populated certificates that are ready for signature. Barcodes reduce data entry time and automatically link certificates to accounts. Dedicated email addresses and fax numbers serve as â??inboxesâ? for inbound certificates. Customers sign in and create certificates online with secure logins. Baseline validation points insure that all certificates are complete before submission. Customers determine level of automation and final acceptance â?? and can track campaigns to see progress and results.

An exemption certificate must contain certain items in order to be considered valid. Avalara CertCaptureâ??s Validation Matrix contains the regulations for states that collect taxes, and handles Puerto Rico and Canada. The system defaults to these regulations, but easily adapts to each companyâ??s internal policies.

Customers simply cut-and-paste from spreadsheets to gather all the certificates needed for an auditor, or multiple audits, with just a few clicks. Customers can create an Auditor Login into Avalara CertCapture and show an auditor only what is specified. The auditor can see the documents, review the images, and print what they would like during the time allotted.

Avalara CertCapture acts as a repository for certificates that can be linked to data at a later time. As Ship-To locations are added, exemption status is amended, and no additional collection effort is required.

When duplicate customers are involved and imperfect data is held within the ERP system, Avalara CertCapture allows one certificate to cover multiple or duplicate customer entries properly. This eliminates multiple mailings; saves time and money by generating one request vs. multiple requests for the same company; and preserves customer relations.