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AICPA Navigator from CPA2Biz recognized as a Finalist for 2013 Innovation Awards

CPA2Biz's AICPA Navigator recognized as a Finalist for 2013 Innovation Awards

AICPA Navigator – CPA2Biz

AICPA Navigator was recognized as a Finalist for Innovation Awards on Monday evening in Los Angeles. The awards are presented by CPA Practice Advisor.

CPA Navigator is a state-of-the-art learning management system specifically designed to advance the professional development of CPAs. It automates tracking of compliance and competency requirements, and helps individuals and firm administrators spot gaps in training and map out career development paths.

Subscribers get access to an extensive catalog of AICPA and state CPA society courses, and firms can easily incorporate their own in-house training programs into the highly interactive online platform. The platform also provides progress monitoring.

CPAs can access cloud-based AICPA Navigator content whenever it is most convenient for them, and firms can also schedule on-site training. Administrators can set up alerts, assign requirement courses and suggest appropriate programs to build specific skills for staff members and groom promising employees for leadership posts.

Courses are linked to state-specific CPA requirements and all completed tests are stored for reporting purposes. If desired, the system allows branding with firm logos and color schemes to give it a personal touch.

Created by CPAs for CPAs, AICPA Navigator is the perfect tool to ease compliance monitoring and expand a firm’s skills and knowledge base. For more information, visit