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ADP SmartCompliance recognized as a Finalist for 2013 Innovation Awards

ADP SmartCompliance recognized as a Finalist for 2013 Innovation Awards

ADP SmartCompliance

ADP’s new SmartCompliance system was recognized as a Finalist for 2013 Innovation Awards durign a ceremony in Los Angeles on Monday evening. The awards are presented annually by CPA Practice Advisor.

In March 2013, ADP launched a unified, cloud-based platform that helps accounting departments better manage tax, employment and payroll compliance. ADP SmartCompliance helps mitigate company risk, improve efficiency and drive growth. It provides cross-service dashboards to quickly assess the status of multiple business areas and take immediate action.

The platform brings together seven ADP market-leading capabilities:  

  • Employment tax — Simplifies payroll tax compliance by keeping up with regulatory changes and compliance rules across the more than 10,000 U.S. federal, state and local jurisdictions. Backed by ADP’s team of tax, government relations and compliance specialists, ADP SmartCompliance manages nearly every aspect of tax filing and remittance to help minimize the risks associated with tax management.
  • Tax credits — Helps companies identify and claim all tax credits available to them to help lower a company’s effective tax rate and reduce staff time spent searching and determining potential credit eligibility. In 2012, ADP found more than $1 billion in tax credits for its customers.
  • Wage payments — Offers flexible payment solutions that support 100% electronic pay — direct deposit, the ALINE Card by ADP’s pay card, check options and a mobile employee access point. These payment solutions help companies increase electronic pay adoption, reduce the complexity of pay distribution and cut costs — all while increasing employee satisfaction with wage distribution.
  • Wage garnishments — Helps manage the wage garnishment process for employers who are required by law to process employee pay garnishments, enabling companies to balance the risk, compliance, cost and efficiencies of garnishments.
  • Employment verification — Eases the burden of employment verification with phone and online verification options, enabling automatic responses to income and employment verification requests. Outsourcing employment verification through the platform helps ensure safer disclosure processes and faster response times for employees.
  • Unemployment claims — Helps companies manage one of the few controllable business taxes by providing resources, experience and expertise to quickly and easily verify unemployment pay. This helps reduce time and costs associated with this process.
  • W2 management — Gives employers/employees more efficiency in annual income reporting through automated W2 distribution and management.

While the platform launched in 2013, the services within are proven successful through ADP’s more than 1,500 existing compliance customers, including 25% of the Fortune 500, who have partnered with ADP to outsource their compliance needs for more than 16 years. ADP’s compliance customers span multiple industries, including oil & gas, hospitality, retail, medical service, aviation, financial services and more.