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2013 Review of FUND E-Z Nonprofit Accounting and Fund Raising Software

FUND E-Z Nonprofit Accounting and Fund Raising Software

From the June 2013 review of non-profit accounting systems.

Best Fit: Fund E-Z is nonprofit accounting and fundraising software designed for small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations and government entities.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Scalable, with two product editions available
  • Excellent fundraising module can be utilized as a stand-alone product or integrated with the accounting product
  • Excellent budgeting capability
  • Excellent reporting options

Potential Limitations

  • Lack of dashboard functionality
  • Limited e-functions available

In business for more than 21 years, FUND E-Z Development Corp. offers small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations a product that has been completed revised and is now available in both basic and pro-editions for added scalability.


FUND E-Z can be installed in minutes. Newly designed, the interface uses a ribbon-style menu for easy system navigation. System users can easily customize FUND E-Z to suit their needs. By utilizing the My Active Tasks function, users can communicate electronically with each other via tasks that disappear when marked completed, but are stored for future reference.

Each user can create their own Quick Access Toolbar menu. The Quick Access Toolbar is completely customizable, so users can set up the system interface to suit their needs. FUND E-Z data entry screens contain solid look up options, as well as a tabs that display any related functions already opened. Task options allow users to quickly choose the function they wish implement, and drop down arrows make it easy to search through options. The new Auto Open feature allows users to choose the functions they wish to appear when they open the software. There are over 50 new features and enhancements that have been added to the latest version of FUND E-Z, including the addition of the Require Memo function, where management can require users to enter a related note or memo during transaction entry.

FUND E-Z modules available include GL, AP, AR, Bank Reconciliation, Client Billing, Budgeting, Direct Allocations, and Security and Tools. The Pro version of FUND E-Z also offers Indirect Allocations, Purchase Orders/Encumbrances, Batches, and a Custom Report Writer module. Extremely scalable, smaller nonprofits can start with the basic version and move up to the pro version if needed. All modules can be added as needed.


FUND E-Z contains a table driven chart of accounts structure with FUND E-Z basic users able to utilize up to 22 characters and up to five segments when creating new accounts or funds. Pro users can use up to 100 characters and up to 10 segments. FUND E-Z easily handles multiple transaction types including bank deposits, manual checks, full and partial vendor payments, mail merge letters, purchase orders, AR processing including invoice allocations, and client billings.

Users can now create a deposit on the fly, while entering cash receipts. Budgets can be created using historic data, and revisions can be made while keeping the original budget intact. Budgets can cross fiscal years, and users can create budgets by segment if desired. Actuals versus budget can be created for any segment or organization wide.

The optional FUND E-Z Fund Raising module can be used as a stand-alone product or integrated with the Accounting suite, and easily tracks donor and constituent history, campaigns, appeals, and gifts, with all donor interaction easily recorded for future use. Grants can be maintained and managed in FUND E-Z, with users able to manage all expenditures and create budgets for each grant.

The forced balancing feature makes sure that all GL and subsidiary accounts are and remain in balance. Users can keep an unlimited number of fiscal years, and can begin a new fiscal year prior to closing the current year. The audit report tracks all system data transactions, including additions, modifications, and deletions. The system also automatically creates an audit trail for all transaction voids.

Users can email client billings and other documents directly to the recipient, and online access makes it easy to access FUND E-Z from any location.


Budgets can be created for any grant, program or project, with all variances and goals included. Users can produce detailed or summary budget comparison reports, and can easily create an annualized budget based on prior month history. Budgets can also be extended beyond a 12 month period for multi-year programs or grants.

System security is multi-level, and allows management to provide system access and use based on four levels, add-edit, add-only, read-only, or no-access. Security can also be assigned by system function, and users can be assigned rights as an individual, or as part of a group. Budget amounts for each account can be easily previewed on screen to ensure that totals are not exceeded.

Excellent integration with Microsoft Office allows users to create mail merge reminder notices and collection notices when necessary. Custom thank you letters and pledge/donation reminders can also be created in the optional Fund Raising module. An updated document management function allows users to attach documents to relevant files with users able to send documents to other users as well.


FUND E-Z contains excellent reporting capabilities, boosted by the custom report writer function included in the product. There is a long list of standard reports which can be fully customized, and all reports can be printed crossing fiscal years. Financial reports can be processed by segment and easily produces FASB 117 reports.

Users can also drill down to originating data from any report processed. Custom financial reports include the Current Period versus Prior Year Current Period with Variances, and the YTD versus Prior YTD with Variances. Financial statements can be easily customized to produce the format desired. FUND E-Z’s Fund Raising module allows users to create up to 20 custom donor fields that can be tracked and reported on.

The Fund Raising module also contains a solid selection of pre-defined reports for quick processing. All system reports can be easily exported to a variety of file types including PDF, HTML, RTF, XLS, XLSx, CSV, MHT, as well as Text and Image files. Those requiring more custom financial reporting can use F9 Financial Reporter for further reporting options.


Users can easily import data such as cash receipts, cash disbursements, invoices, bills, client and vendor data, donors, and budgets into FUND E-Z from Excel or text files. Data can also be exported using various formats including HTML, Excel, and PDF. FUND E-Z modules and add-ons are designed to easily integrate.

Users can now also import transactions as an unposted batch. Full integration with Microsoft Office products makes processing documents and spreadsheets simple. Remote capability allows accountants to easily access client data with the use of a password.


FUND E-Z offers clients a maintenance plan that covers software enhancements, major upgrades, and unlimited phone/email support. Maintenance begins at $495 per year, with different pricing and levels offered dependent on the product and number of system users. FUND E-Z also comes with a built in Help system and technicians have the ability to remote into a client’s software for assistance if necessary. Additional services not covered under the maintenance plan include various online training classes, as well as onsite training/consulting.


FUND E-Z Accounting – Basic currently runs $1,995 for a single-user system. The Pro version is available for $3,490. FUND E-Z’s Fund Raising module is available for $995. With scalability and easy online access, FUND E-Z is an excellent choice for the smaller nonprofit looking for software to grow along with them.

2013 Overall Rating: 4.75 Stars

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