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WorthIT Lease & Loan Analyzer-The Essential Companion for Accounting & Finance Professionals

WorthIT Lease and Loan Analyzer

Price: $119

WLLA is specifically designed for finance professionals to perform business centric lease & loan scenario evaluations and Time Value of Money calculations. WLLA lets you:


·   Build simple to complex scenarios to include front and back-end fees, security deposits, payment & buy-out terms, depreciation profiles, corporate taxes & discount rates of return (DRR).


·   Custom design schedules with fiscal, anniversary or calendar summaries.


·   Perform extensive what-if analysis to custom design loan servicing programs.


·   Calculate precise effective Interest Rates accounting for fees, deposits & terms.


·   Compile exhaustive scenario analysis reports and Net Advantage of Leasing spreadsheets summarizing costs and cash outflow & recoveries per fiscal period.


·   Simulate FV, PV and Amortization outcomes as critical variables vary incrementally.


·   Set Y/E period, define Recoverable taxes (HST in Canada), transfer data to Word, Excel or Clipboard or click to display statistics.