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2013 Review of TaxSlayer Pro Premium

TaxSlayer Pro Premium
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From the May 2013 review of Professional Tax Preparation systems.

Best Firm Fit

  • Firms who focus on preparing individual income tax returns with a limited number of business returns

  • Professionals who need a solution with a low price for unlimited users and support for bank products and in-application invoicing


  • Supports preparation and unlimited e-filing of all entities at the federal and state level

  • Built-in bank product support and client invoicing

  • Supports scanning of W-2 barcodes for data capture

  • Product is designed for fast keyboard only data entry and screens

  • Return preparation includes a link to the online version of The Tax Book, a preparer reference book for frequently asked questions

Potential Limitations

  • Forms cannot be previewed, and must be exported to Adobe Acrobat for review

  • Limited tools for review and approval of returns prepared by other users

  • Keyboard driven menus appear dated, but once a user learns the keystrokes associated with the functions, a preparer can work very fast.


TaxSlayer Pro is a value-priced solution for preparing retail tax returns and administering bank products. The application is available in two versions – a “Classic” version which includes federal and state returns for individuals and businesses, and a “Premium” version which includes some electronic document storage and electronic client communication tools. The application is designed with speed in mind, and the keyboard navigation allows users to seamlessly move between menus without using the mouse.

The TaxSlayer Pro individual tax application supports Federal and State returns for all states and the District of Columbia. Local income tax returns are available for Michigan, Ohio, and New York City. TaxSlayer Pro’s business tax application supports Federal forms 706, 709, 990, 1041, 1065, 1120, 1120S, and 5500, as well as the state counterparts to each of these forms.

The individual and business applications are stored separately, and data can be shared between multiple computers across a network. A “scan and organize” solution for automatic organization of client tax documents is not available. Completed returns can be archived and backed up in the secure online PDF Vault, which can also be used to securely deliver returns to clients. The Premium bundle includes PaperCut, a document storage utility

TaxSlayer has integration with several bank product providers, which allow retail tax preparers to offer clients bank products and withhold fees from client refunds. The application has an appointment scheduler, and includes a subscription to The Tax Book, a preparer reference guide which provides guidance on common tax issues. The company also provides training for new preparers as well as a guide to starting your own tax business.

The product has good help throughout the application, and the Company offers support through recorded videos, a knowledge base, as well as live U.S. based support. Normal busy season support hours are from 8A-9P ET on weekdays, and 9A-4P ET on Saturday. The support center is closed on Sundays.

Summary and Pricing

TaxSlayer Pro Classic includes unlimited individual federal and state returns, with free electronic filing, corporate tax software, a depreciation module, and The TaxBook Tax Library for an unlimited number of users at a single site for $1,095.

TaxSlayer Pro Premium includes all of the features of the Classic edition, plus a document storage utility, tools for letting clients know when returns are ready and bank product checks are available, ad templates, and mobile access to management reports for $1,395.

2013 Ratings:

TaxSlayer Pro Premium  

Core Product Functions/Features

Paperless Workflow 3.75
Integration 4.0
Help/Support 4.25
Overall Rating 4.25