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Wave Adds Payroll App to Cloud-Based Small Business Accounting Suite

Wave Continues to Disrupt Small Business Software Industry With New Payroll App for iOS.


April 24, 2013 — Wave has announced that the newest addition to its cloud-based small business management system is now available.

The new Payroll by Wave app for iPhones and iPads is a companion tool to their online payroll application, one of many tools currently available in their growing suite of integrated applications. Wave is a provider of cloud-based small business finance tools.

The payroll app is the latest of many enhancements and additions the company has added, following the successful launch two weeks ago of Receipts by Wave, a receipt scanning application whose mobile app garnered a feature in the Apple App Store. In the past three months, Wave has also launched Payments by Wave (credit card processing), expanded its existing invoicing and accounting tools with new features, and relaunched Wave Accounting and Wave Payroll as a unified and integrated ecosystem of small business apps.

“Small business owners are agile, passionate, and constantly innovating,” said Wave CEO Kirk Simpson. We’re committed to serving this incredible group of people, and that means innovating just as fast, being just as passionate, and building the best tools out there to serve them.”

The launch of Payroll by Wave for iOS, currently available throughout North America, allows small business owners to run their payroll, view past payrolls and pay stubs and receive reminder notifications, all from their iPhones. Employees can download the mobile app to gain access to their own personal portal, which will send notifications as soon as they’ve been paid as well as provide anytime access to past pay stubs. The Android version is expected later this year.

“Being a small business owner means you aren’t always at your desk,” added Simpson. “Your business doesn’t stop just because you go off-site. With our cloud and mobile apps, small business owners can perform critical tasks like paying
employees or capturing receipts while on the go.”

Wave’s newest app is now available to the over 600,000 customers who have already signed up for their integrated small business solutions. With a new product ecosystem and two mobile products coming out of Wave in the past few months, their rate of innovation shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Small businesses can access Wave’s newest payroll tool in the Apple App store by searching for Payroll by Wave. The Android version of the service is expected later this year.