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CCH Launches Axcess Suite

CCH announced the launch of its newest cloud-based solution CCH Axcess, the only cloud-based tax preparation, compliance and firm management solution.


CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business announced the launch of its newest cloud-based solution CCH Axcess, the only cloud-based tax preparation, compliance and firm management solution. The new solution is designed to help professionals grow their firm while optimizing firm operations and workflow. CCH provides tax, accounting and audit information, software and services to tax, accounting and business professionals.

“Firms with CCH Axcess are firms with a clear competitive advantage,” said Karen Abramson, CCH President and CEO. “No one else can offer what CCH does today. With groundbreaking technology, tight tax workflow integration, common data and an open platform, CCH Axcess alone offers firms the highest levels of integration, confidence and speed.”

CCH Axcess features an integrated central database, allowing users to manage the entire tax process from return preparation and compliance to file storage and practice. Through the database, users have access to a centralized dashboard and can set up permissions and access document management and firm management tools. In addition, CCH Axcess also integrates with CCH Mobile solutions and apps to deliver content through IntelliConnect. Users can also use apps from approved third-party partners through CCH’s Open Platform.

CCH Axcess is designed to help firms grow, manage and protect their business by redefining how firms operate, maximizing efficiency and providing support 24/7. The new solution helps professionals provide a new level of service by enhancing communication between professional and client and better supporting collaboration. The solution also seamlessly integrates using a centralized database, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Professionals can also use CCH Axcess to access up-to-date information regarding changing tax laws and regulations.

“Now is the time for firms to move ahead,” said Teresa Mackintosh, CCH Software Executive Vice President and General Manager. “CCH Axcess is the only modern, expandable CPA solution built from the ground up with a core database that unifies the accounting firm’s practice. With integrated modules in a single solution with a single database, customers leveraging CCH Axcess will save thousands of hours of time on routine tasks, enabling them to offer new services and value to clients.”

CCH Axcess modules include CCH Axcess Tax, CCH Axcess Document, CCH Axcess Portal, CCH Axcess Practice and CCH Axcess Workstream. Features of the new modules include:

  • CCH Axcess Tax streamlines the digital tax process by supporting thousands of automatically calculated forms and schedules for federal, state, county and city entities; robust diagnostics; and a state-of-the-art electronic filing system.
  • CCH Axcess Document is a document management solution that helps professionals electronically organize and store client source documents.
  • CCH Axcess Portal provides 24/7 collaboration and access client financial documents for both firms and their clients.
  • CCH Axcess Practice allows professionals to monitor staff time, produce invoices and handle all aspects of managing firm operations.
  • CCH Axcess Workstream helps firms streamline administrative tasks, making it easier to track due dates, identify key milestones and monitor project status.

“Firms today know that it’s not just about completing client work. It’s about building relationships, enhancing services, standardizing processes and always increasing productivity  – that’s where new growth and success will come from,” said Mackintosh. “With CCH, they have a partner who understands that, who is investing in their success and who has delivered an advanced solution they alone can put to work and move forward with right now.”