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2013 Innovation Award Nominee: TaxCloud Sales Tax Automation

FedTax TaxCloud nominated for 2013 Innovation Award.

2013 Innovation Award Nominee:

TaxCloud Sales Tax Automation

TaxCloud is the internet’s first completely free, easy-to-use sales tax management service for retailers. It handles every aspect of sales tax, from calculation to collection to filing -?? and it’??s completely free for retailers (TaxCloud is paid solely by states to provide accurate and minimal-burden service for retailers). TaxCloud can be easily integrated into most accounting, order management, and shopping cart systems – more than two dozen pre-integrated platforms are available today.


  • Calculates sales tax in real time for any location in the US
  • Automatically files sales tax returns for 24 states
  • Prepares monthly state-by-state reports on sales tax collected
  • Monitors changes to tax rates and tax holidays and updates data accordingly
  • Manages sales tax exemption certificates
  • Registers sellers in 24 states


  • TaxCloud is the only free certified sales tax management service.
  • TaxCloud has been tested and certified by state revenue departments and an independent review board.
  • Because TaxCloud is certified by 24 states, it has agreements and privileges with these states that help protect you. For instance, these states indemnify all TaxCloud users from liability in the event of an error.
  • TaxCloud is already integrated with many shopping carts, so activating TaxCloud can be as easy as checking a box.

TaxCloud is completely free for retailers. When TaxCloud transfers sales tax funds from a retailer to a state, the state pays us a commission.

Certification and Patents

  • TaxCloud has been tested and verified by 24 state departments of revenue. Each of these states has made TaxCloud a Certified Service Provider and granted certain benefits to TaxCloud users.
  • The Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Governing Board, a nonpartisan group of tax experts who help guide the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement, has tested TaxCloud and designated it a Certified Service Provider, one of only six in the nation.
  • Certain features of TaxCloud are protected by issued U.S. Patent No. 7,730,089, with additional U.S. and Foreign patent applications pending.


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