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2013 Innovation Awards Nominee: Tax and Accounting eBooks on Thomson Reuters Proview

Tax and Accounting eBooks on Thomson Reuters Proview nominated for 2013 Innovation Awards.

2013 Innovation Awards Nominee:

Tax and Accounting eBooks on Thomson Reuters Proview

Thomson Reuters ProView eBooks offer an entire new way to access your trusted tax and accounting reference resources. ProView is the first intuitively designed eReader application developed for tax and accounting professionals. It offers a powerful combination of speed, customization, navigation and mobility unique in the industry, allowing practitioners to find answers quickly and navigate the content with ease.

ProView features and functionality were developed by observing and analyzing how our customers use print titles and replicating and enhancing that behavior into a home grown eReader platform: For example, practitioners use highlights or post-it notes to annotate their books, or use clips or dog-ears to mark specific sections. In ProView we developed the ability to create customer notes, annotations, highlights and bookmarks that are stored in the cloud and automatically sync to other devices. When a new edition of the eBook is available, these are automatically transferred, saving time and effort.

We also developed navigation tools that allow our customers to find their answers faster:

  • A dynamic table of contents organized in layers that display each level of book: Chapters and sections and subsections. Tap on each tab and each topic to link directly to the content you’re looking for. With the “home” icon, you can easily get back to the list of chapters for your next search.
  • With advanced index tools, users can quickly find the term they are looking for; preview the answers by tapping on the eye icon, or link directly to the text where the term is discussed.
  • With fully linked content, users can go deeper into their research, and always go back to where they started with the back button or the history tool.
  • The advanced search functionality supports search connectors, phrase searches, numerical connectors resulting in more relevant results

We also developed navigation tools specifically for RIA Internal Revenue Code and Federal Tax Regulations eBooks:


  • An advanced compass feature that displays the precise location and citation for all Code and Regulations levels: subsection, paragraph, etc. to assist with research document orientation
  • Tap and hold the running headers to view related hierarchy, users will always know where they are even when deep into a section
  • Table of code: Go directly to a code section or regulation by typing the section number

ProView eBooks can be downloaded to iPads, android tablets, laptop and desktop computers for access off line. They can also be accessed while online through the browser.


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