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2013 Innovation Awards Nominee: Checkpoint World

Checkpoint World nominated for 2013 Innovation Awards.

2013 Innovation Awards Nominee:

Checkpoint World

Checkpoint World is the comprehensive online research solution for the global tax and accounting professional. It is designed specifically to meet the research needs of tax practitioners responsible for cross-border transactions of multinational corporations. Our clients include tax professionals from corporations, law firms, and government bodies across six continents.

Checkpoint World helps our global clients streamline their tax research workflow by minimizing cost inefficiencies, maximizing time efficiencies and mitigating risk. We’ve made finding answers easy through our extensive and reputable content arranged across major practice areas such as transfer pricing, accounting, and tax planning. Highlights include:

  • Tax and accounting research and information from multiple countries and regions to effectively manage a multinational business
  • Tax legislation and treaties of 175 jurisdictions translated into English
  • Standards, guidelines and updates from authoritative tax and accounting resources including the OECD, IFRS, IASB, and more.
  • Expert commentary and analyses from existing tax practitioners and thought leaders
  • Current Awareness with global tax and accounting updates from Reuters News, Westlaw (Thomson Reuters) and other sources to keep our clients aware of relevant tax changes
  • Information and content provided by leading reputable information publishers
  • User friendly research and navigation experience

In the complex and intricate world of global tax and accounting, Checkpoint World is the premier “travel guide” that makes the tax world easier to navigate for the global tax practitioner. According to one of our clients, “Checkpoint World provides us with all the information we need to help us make strategic decisions and that is a good starting point. The more we use it, the smarter we will become.”


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