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2013 Innovation Awards Nominee: BillQuick Mobile

BillQuick Mobile nominated for 2013 Innovation Awards.

2013 Innovation Award Nominee:

BillQuick Mobile

BillQuick Mobile is Innovative

BillQuick Mobile extends the business automation intelligence pioneered by BQE Software by applying it to their mobile app platform. With an obsession towards eliminating the friction experienced by most software applications and mobile apps, BQE Software takes an impressive leap forward with their BillQuick Mobile App. Common problems such as syncing off-line mobile data with the server are eliminated since BillQuick Mobile senses when the mobile device has connectivity to the Internet and quietly synchronizes data in the background. Furthermore, since BillQuick Mobile syncs with your office server or BillQuick Online account, there’s no monthly subscription fee.

BillQuick Mobile inherits BillQuick’s award-winning workflow to speed up processes for firms, with no additional set-up required. Users can hit the ground running with the app and submit their time sheets with the confidence that their time will be automatically routed to the appropriate managers. When time is approved, the user will see the status of their submittal change instantly.

Improves Efficiency

The developers’ heavy focus on increasing efficiency is refreshingly obvious within the app. BilQuick Mobile’s innovative design and engineering not only minimizes the number of steps it takes to capture time and expenses but also makes it simple and fun to use. Users can snap a picture of a cab receipt, submit, and have their manager see the expense and backup data before they reach the hotel lobby. Users can attach photos with both time and expense entries and submit immediately with limitless memos to remove delays from billing.

BillQuick Mobile’s intelligence will automatically assign the correct bill and cost rates associated with the employee, the project and the activity they are performing ensuring accurate and faster billing. The result is a powerful application that is so easy to use it eliminates the common struggle businesses experience to get employees to submit timecards and expense reports promptly.

Increases Productivity and Profitability Users can easily multitask with the BillQuick Mobile app. They can run multiple timers simultaneously, and can exit the app or even turn off their phones while it runs in the background capturing every possible billable hour for them. Users have credited this feature not only with helping them to be more productive, but also with increasing their revenues since time is always captured and the billable rates accurate.

A smoother cash flow increases profitability and BillQuick Mobile was obviously built with that mantra in mind.


BillQuick Mobile’s frictionless design, combined with its ability to make processes more efficient, productive and profitable for firms makes it an app that is truly, appreciably innovative.


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