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2013 Innovation Award Nominee: TurboTax CPA Select

TurboTax CPA Select nominated for 2013 Innovation Awards.

2013 Innovation Awards Nominee:

TurboTax CPA Select

Intuit’s latest innovation, TurboTax CPA Select is the companies first platform solution that connects taxpayers and tax preparers in a mutually beneficial way. The solution offers convenience for taxpayers and helps them save more of their hard earned money, while helping CPAs grow their practice. Using this solution, consumers and small businesses who are looking for a CPA to do their taxes for them can easily find and choose a qualified CPA, agree to clear upfront pricing, and upload their tax documents securely anytime from anywhere.

CPAs looking to grow their business benefit from Intuit connecting them with potential new clients online, with the creation of a profile for free. From there, consumers and small business clients simply upload their tax documents for CPAs to process. The online tools lower marketing and administrative costs and increase productivity and overall efficiency for the CPAs. Additionally, with no physical stores, TurboTax CPA Select can offer pricing up to 40% off market rates, and CPAs receive 75% of the revenues generated by the returns they prepare.

As a new solution, Intuit is providing a way to help CPAs by delivering tax customers, including all their documents, directly to them -? online. Furthermore, it aids consumers and small businesses who do not have the confidence to complete their return on their own, or have had unpleasant tax store experiences.

In all, Intuit is equally committed to the success of its professional tax preparers, consumers who choose to do their own taxes, and those who want someone to do their taxes for them. Regardless of how someone wants to do their taxes, Intuit now offers a full breadth of tax preparation solutions for accountants and consumers that are unmatched in the industry.

What Customers are saying:

“It was a very smooth process, the product did most of the work for me,” said Justin Sadler, a CPA based in Texas who completed a dozen returns in 2 ½ weeks during an extension season beta test. “The clients are already vetted, and their documents are uploaded right to me. I am excited to be part of the program this season to see if I can scale up and do enough returns to shift my entire business online in the future.”

â??I wanted the peace of mind of having a CPA prepare my taxes. I was very impressed with the concept of TurboTax CPA Select which was why I gave it a try. And the process was easy, so that made it even better.”

“I loved how quickly my CPA responded to my questions and filed my return. My favorite feature, though, was being able to simply take a picture of my documents on my phone and uploading them directly on to the site.”


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