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2013 Innovation Award Nominee: ProSystem fx Mobile Electronic Filing Status App

ProSystem fx Mobile Electronic Filing Status App nominated for 2013 Innovation Awards.

2013 Innovation Awards Nominee:

ProSystem fx Mobile Electronic Filing Status App

CCH continues to lead the industry in providing meaningful tools to professional tax preparers. Staying connected to clients with the ability to immediately address their questions and needs is one of the most pressing challenges today. To meet this need, CCH released the ProSystem fx Tax Mobile Electronic Filing Status App. It addresses our customers’ needs to stay connected to their important work, to answer their clients’ questions, and to react quickly when problems need to be addressed.

The ProSystem fx Tax Mobile Electronic Filing Status (ELF) App enhances the ability to monitor the status of e-filed tax returns from a smartphone or tablet; the latest information is quickly obtained by simply tapping the ELF icon on a mobile device to get things started. Professionals can search for their client’s electronically filed tax returns through a variety of criteria. The App will then retrieve and organize returns – first listing all the matching clients, then listing federal and state electronic returns filed for each client along with the status of these returns.

With the advanced flexibility of the ELF App, professionals can easily monitor the status of a client’s e-filed tax return.

Simple navigation and colorful visuals enable tax professionals to quickly receive news on whether an e-filed return has been accepted or rejected by the IRS. If a return is rejected by the IRS, the rejection explanation is quickly available for ELF App users.

You could be at a soccer game and open the ELF App to assist clients in ways that previously had to be done at the firm. Instead of taking time to power up a laptop and log in to your firm’s network, using the ELF App is a much more efficient and convenient way for connecting to clients, data and staff.

This App provides a full mobile extension of CCH’s ProSystem fx Tax solution – used by tens of thousands of CCH customers to electronically file client returns, check status updates and notify clients with confirmations of electronic filing results. The ELF App makes it possible for the CPAs to stay connected with their clients’ electronic returns, quickly learn of any issues or filing errors and immediately make corrections. It was released into production in January of 2013 – to iOS and Android markets. A Windows Phone version is also being developed.


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