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2013 Innovation Award Nominee: DisclosureNet Mobile

DisclosureNet Mobile nominated for 2013 Innovation Awards.

2013 Innovation Awards Nominee:

DisclosureNet Mobile

DisclosureNet Mobile for iPad brings the powerful disclosure and financial reporting standards research capabilities of DisclosureNet to tax and accounting professionals who are on the go. DisclosureNet has a database of 20+ million public filings from the U.S., Canada, Australia and annual reports from the UK, representing 44% of the world’s market capitalization. Current clients include the Big Four firms and numerous other large and medium-sized accounting organizations.

With automated alerts, DisclosureNet removes the manual labor from keeping on top of standards and regulations, and through its powerful search capabilities makes it simple to find examples of financial disclosures, conduct due diligence and research best practices in reporting.

DisclosureNet Mobile for iPad users enjoy access to the entire database of disclosure filings as well as the standards, rules and regulations that govern financial reporting processes of organizations worldwide. Some of the app’s capabilities include:

  • Full library of US GAAP, IFRS and other FASB content. Users can browse specific regulations and from these documents, directly access recent examples of financial reports filed under these standards.
  • Powerful Boolean/proximity searching capabilities to pinpoint filings meeting one or many criteria such as document type, company or filing date/period.
  • Documents are full-text searchable, so hit-highlights help users navigate easily to find what they need quickly.
  • Documents returned from searches or alerts can be saved for offline reading.
  • Users can be alerted in real-time when new documents of interest are filed; they receive an email with a brief snapshot of the filing and link to its full version. They can also be notified of proposed or in effect changes to standard topics that directly impact their organization’s internal reporting practices. 

DisclosureNet Mobile gives tax and accounting professionals more flexibility when it comes to conducting research and keeping on top of new accounting regulations – whether they’re sitting on the train or relaxing at the cottage; users can easily access the iPad app and review documents at their leisure.

DisclosureNet Mobile is fast, intuitive and automated. Searches take just moments and important documents can be saved for offline reading, so they’re available wherever the iPad takes its user. Receiving automatic alerts means that relevant news will be emailed directly to users, which saves hours of unnecessary searching for new information. Through its innovative iPad app, DisclosureNet enhances the experience of tax and accounting professionals worldwide by putting timely and relevant information at their fingertips wherever they may be.

No other public disclosure research solution has launched such a comprehensive, innovative and accessible mobile app for its users. DisclosureNet Mobile is redefining “on-the-go research”, letting users take the world of disclosure filings with them anywhere.


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