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2013 Innovation Awards Nominee: Right Networks HyperRight Technology

Right Networks HyperRight Technology nominated for 2013 Innovation Award.

2013 Innovation Awards Nominee:

Right Networks HyperRight Technology

HyperRight V4 builds on proven reliability and scalability, delivering many new features including enhanced multi-monitor support, improved performance and a richer user experience.

Originally launched in 2003, HyperRight technology was developed to enable efficient, reliable and scalable hosting of the most popular desktop applications while maintaining software license integrity.

HyperRight virtualization makes standard desktop applications Enterprise-Class on the multi-clustered, fully-managed platform. HyperRight allows businesses to avoid dedicated server or traditional virtualization solutions, with protection from the reliability and scalability problems inherent in those platforms.


HyperRight clustering automatically routes users to the most available systems, bypassing hardware failures or systems that are undergoing maintenance. HyperRight allows Right Networks to scale services, helping customers grow by enabling them to focus on their business without worrying about computer availability, maintenance, or backups.


HyperRight’ss flexibility and anytime, anywhere access insures that it can scale with your business. As you add employees and customers you can add hosted desktops easily.


HyperRight Version 4 enables enterprise-class delivery of new features including:

  • Direct Scanning Capabilities – allows users to scan directly to their Right Networks Hosted Desktop from their TWAIN-based scanner.
  • True Multi-Monitor Support – up to 4 monitors
  • Enhanced PDF Functionality – ability to edit, merge and create PDFs
  • Snipping Tool – allows users to easily take screen snapshots
  • Drop Off – provides secure file transfer solution with fast upload and download capabilities from any client operating system
  • Expanded printing capabilities
  • Enhanced Hosted Desktop Search Capabilities


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