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2013 Innovation Award Nominee: SpringAhead Tallie Expense Tracking Software

SpringAhead's Tallie Expense Tracking Software nominated for a 2013 Innovation Award.

2013 Innovation Award Nominee:

SpringAhead Tallie

Tallie is the only expense report platform that automates the creation of expense transactions, contains an enterprise-grade workflow and deep integration with major complimentary software platforms such as QuickBooks, and SmartVault.

Track expenses on the Tallie app.

You and your team are on the go and so are we. Seamlessly capture, report, and more with the Tallie mobile app.

With Tallie on your phone, you can:

  • Capture receipts with multiple pages
  • Capture & automatically calculate mileage
  • Email receipts to one location from almost any mobile platform

Available for:

  • iPhone & iPad
  • Android


Let Tallie manage your receipts.

Tallie extracts expense data from your receipts via our mobile app, an email, file upload, or by dragging & dropping desktop files into the browser. Little or no data entry is required.

  • Merchant, data & amount are automatically extracted from your receipts
  • Free, unlimited document and data storage


Integrate credit card transactions.

Transactions by company spenders are collected automatically and securely, allowing Tallie to double check the expense amounts and ensure no transactions are missed.

  • Supports thousands of credit cards simultaneously
  • Pulls transactions from both personal & corporate credit cards
  • Allows you to easily manage which cards and transactions are imported


Let Tallie match and categorize.

Ever find yourself wishing that an expense report could take care of itself? Tallie’s smart algorithms can help.

Automatic Matching

Receipt & credit card transactions are automatically paired-up based on matching merchant, date & amount values.

Machine Learning

If an expense type allocation is changed for a transaction, Tallie learns and intelligently recategorizes similar future transactions.

Account, track & analyze.

Tallie was made with accountants in mind. Configure Tallie to track what’s important to you. Mark expenses as billable to client or project for accurate reporting.

Track expenses by:
  • Expense type
  • Department / Class
  • Client
  • Project

More Features at:


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